Chute the Sh!t, a Buggy Podcast

Hi everyone,

The BAA, in collaboration with Will Weiner, is excited to announce the debut of Chute the Sh!t, a weekly podcast series about Buggy. You can take a listen on most of your favorite platforms or refer to the list here! Currently we are scheduled to have seven episodes, released weekly on Sundays, with maybe a few more if there’s enough interest. For now the plan is to locate discussion on each episode on our Discord channel (#podcasts) which you can join here if you’d like. But as always, feel free to comment here as well!

The first episode is an hour-long interview with the illustrious Tom Wood, official Buggy Historian and recipient of the first Lifetime Spirit of Buggy award about the history of Buggy and Tom’s story. Stay tuned for the next episode on Sunday!

One thought on “Chute the Sh!t, a Buggy Podcast”

  • Chris Hansen says:

    Listened to first two… love it already! After listening to Tom talk about the importance of rule changes In 1987 would be cool to interview the sweepstakes chair in 1988 who had to implement the changes..Gino Cosentino… he was asst chair two years prior and saw both good and bad on either end. Also set up the “youngsters “ a pipeline of next gen people who ran buggy for the next 5-10 years. Great memories about CMU’s most unique campus sport! Thanks

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