4/29 Town Hall Follow Up #2

Hi all,

This is the second follow-up update from the Town Hall. If you weren’t able to make it to the Town Hall, you can take a listen here. New updates are in Bold. The final follow-up post will come at the end of July where I’ll detail the budget situation in consultation with our Treasurer.

  1. Membership and benefits — Complete (3/31)
  2. Consolation print — In progress: The posters are printed and ready to be shipped! We just need your address. Silver and Gold members should check their email or can fill out the address form here. We’ll start shipping these very soon.
  3. Budget — In progress: As mentioned in the last update, no expected progress until fiscal EoY in July.
  4. Homecoming — Completed until Fall 2020 (3/31)
  5. New content including livestreamComplete! Thanks everyone who came out to Virtual Raceday 2020. We were able to still expand the broadcast with split screens, trivia, a live-chat alumni panel, and more. We’ll try to incorporate as many of these into Raceday 2021 as we can and hope you had as much fun as we did! If you missed it or want to watch again, you can watch any time on YouTube here! We’re still hosting Friday Night Rewatch to go along with the History of Buggy as we wrap up the first 100 years of Sweepstakes.
  6. Elections — In Progress: We have started receiving nominations for officers. You can nominate someone yourself here if you’d like. Nominations close on May 8th, and elections will follow.
  7. Gifts for students — In Progress: The students have come together and decided on a quarter-zip hoodie with the BAA Buggy100 logo. We’ll be finding cost estimates and finalizing the design and hope to be able to sponsor personalized embroidery for the nearly 50 graduating seniors that have agreed to a gift.