Remote Raceday Livestream 4/18

Hi all,

We’re excited to announce a Raceday Rebroadcast Livestream on 4/18 at noon EST! The event will feature live commentary, clips of races and hijinks of years past, and a few live events such as an alumni panel!

You can submit any heat you’d like to see at the link here!

Any segment or regular part of the broadcast (yes, even Squirrel Cam) we are thinking about incorporating, but I can’t share too many details yet. There will be a detailed schedule to come, but roughly speaking, the first two hours will be races and accompanying segments, and the final hour and a half will be an awards ceremony, an alumni panel like what we do at Design Competition, and closing remarks.

We’re hoping to get the community very involved through the chat, live video, and through submissions of all kinds. If you have any ideas, feel free to share in the comments or on Discord!

Lastly, thanks to those who have attended our small scale livestreams these past couple Fridays, they’ve been very helpful to try out new things.