Buggy 101: Active and Recruiting Teams 2020-2021

Hi everyone, and especially new students!

With new students arriving on campus and recruitment happening virtually this year, we thought we’d put together a list of teams and contact info for people to reference. This is also the first post in “Buggy 101”, our upcoming content series focused on introductory material to support the Buggy community.

Below is a list of active sweepstakes organizations, their chairs’ contact info, and a team website if they have one. Every team has their own unique character so be sure to shop around! It would be best to email contact, but if you like you can comment on this post. If you have any general questions, feel free to email buggy@andrew.cmu.edu .

Contact: cmu.apex@gmail.com

The Atlas Project
Contact: atlasbuggy@gmail.com
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/atlasbuggy

CIA Buggy
Contact: cia@andrew.cmu.edu
Website: ciabuggy.org

Delta Gamma
Contact: skbattag@andrew.cmu.edu

Contact: fringe.execboard@gmail.com
Website: https://fringe.org/

Kappa Kappa Gamma + Kappa Sigma
Contact: jrushkof@andrew.cmu.edu

Phi Delta Theta
Contact: jcassady@andrew.cmu.edu

Pi Kappa Alpha
Contact: aosilver@andrew.cmu.edu

Contact: djohnsto@andrew.cmu.edu
Website: https://roboticsclub.org/projects/robobuggy/

Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Contact: scbowman@andrew.cmu.edu

SigEp Racing
Contact: lazarandjelic16@gmail.com
Website: https://www.sigep.fun/campus.html

Sigma Nu
Contact: mvanbusk@andrew.cmu.edu

Spirit Buggy
Contact: thomasa1@andrew.cmu.edu
Website: https://www.spiritracingsystems.com/

Student Dormitory Council
Contact: join@sdcbuggy.org

Welcome Back to Campus with New Sweepstakes!

As students move back on campus in the fall, we thought it’d be a great time to highlight the group that will be leading the effort this year. The Raceday 2021 Sweepstakes Committee has been working hard to prep for the fall so look out for updates of what this group is up to!

Chairwoman: Tishya Girdhar was a driver and mechanic for fringe for three years, and served as Safety Chair last year. She’s looking forward to help plan Buggy 100+! (as we’re casually calling it). Feel free to reach out to her if you have any suggestions/ideas!!

Safety Chair:  Bethany Bauer is a senior physics major in SHS. Previously, she’s served as a driver and mechanic on Apex. Bethany is excited to be your safety chair!

Assistant Chair: Natalie Herrmann is a rising senior studying Civil Engineering. She was a mechanic for Fringe the past 3 years, and served as their Chairman for the past 2 years. Apart from buggy, she’s also involved with Fringe and ASCE booth. She’s pumped for this year, and can’t wait to see what all the teams can do!

Design Comp Chair: Carl Young was previously the Head Mechanic for SigEp Racing, A-Team Hill 3, and Chairman! He’s ready to carry on the good work put in last year to make the “100th anniversary of Raceday” the best yet!

Town Hall Follow-up #3

Hi all,

This is the third and final follow-up update from the Raceday 2020 Town Hall. If you weren’t able to make it to the Town Hall, you can take a listen here. New updates are in Bold.

  1. Membership and benefits — Complete (3/31)
  2. Consolation print: Essentially complete. If you requested shipping and have completed payment, your poster should be shipped. If you wanted to take advantage in-person pickup at the bottom of Hill One (starting line), Ben will be there with posters at the following time:

    Sunday August 16th 2-4pm
    Email ben.matzke@cmubuggy.org if this time does not work for you.
  3. Budget — Complete. We have just received our latest financial update which covers our account through the end of June. With your unprecedented support in the last year-to-date, we have raised $15,462 directly, and $1,912 dollars in university matching. To give a sense of scope, this is about twice the amount we would spend on Raceday and about what we were expecting to contribute to Buggy100, which will of course roll over into the next Raceday. Although we do receive some support from employer matching, this is likely underutilized. Don’t forget to ask your employer if they are willing to match your contributions!
  4. Homecoming Vision — Complete. Homecoming has been confirmed for the weekend of October 17th. We’re actively collaborating with CMU staff to bring Buggy events to the programming and exploring available time slots and formats but remaining flexible given the current environment. Of course now that we’ve transitioned to Fall programming and content, we’ll keep you up to date in future posts on new event offerings!
  5. New content including livestream — Complete (4/30)
  6. Elections — Complete. Please refer to our previous post about election results for more information.
  7. Gifts for students — Complete! Thanks to Diya for helping us distribute the senior gifts. We also want to welcome those seniors who took advantage of our free membership offer to the BAA!