Winter 2020-2021 Newsletter

Greetings Buggy community!

I hope this message finds you happy and safe. In light of communication from the university regarding Carnival plans, we wanted to update you all with what’s been happening this year. We had hoped to write about the resumption of rolls since the fall semester has started but unfortunately I can’t say that is true yet.

As the university email states, alumni events for Carnival are currently being planned all virtually. At this time, students are still patiently waiting for the verdict on their proposed activities. We have several exciting events in the works and hope to share more soon, but for now, here’s our updates:

  • CUC Buggy Centennial Display: The artwork and design for the Centennial memorial display is being finalized and installation is planned in time for Carnival this year. We’re hoping to offer some kind of virtual unveiling event, so stay tuned!
  • Season 2 of Chute the Sh!t Podcast with Will Weiner: Will and Rachael have been hard at work coordinating the plan for another podcast season to follow up on last year. They’re still accepting suggestions for people to host, so feel free to drop a comment or reply if you have any ideas!
  • Buggy All-Stars returns: The Advanced Game Design class has agreed to continue development on the Buggy All-Stars game released last year. We can’t wait to see what new features they come up with next!
  • Alternate Design Competition: We’re working hard with the students to plan an alternate version of Design Competition for Carnival this year that can integrate remote students as well as virtual judges and potentially spectators. No new buggies have been permitted to be built this year so it is not likely to resemble our traditional Design Competition, but there is pretty good agreement that we want some flavor of replacement.
  • Among Us alumni social events: We’ve had a blast coordinating and playing Among Us with you all and definitely plan to continue that! Feel free to suggest other kinds of open social events we can host throughout the year.
  • Buggy 101 themed content: If the students are approved for in-person activities, we have a plan and some content ready to go to try and help drive student engagement. Unfortunately, we won’t have approval at least until 2/15, as the COVID rules committee won’t consider the students’ revisions until in-person activities are allowed to resume.
  • Endowed Fund progress: The Endowed Fund committee bylaws have been finalized and await administrative approval. Our first round of proposals and funding is very likely to go out in 2021, we just aren’t sure whether it will be in time for the spring at this point. Of course, the fund has been accruing yields for nearly a year at this point, which all are ready for disbursal — more on that when we give our financial update later on.
  • Buggy Build Book: Notable recent alumni Connor Hayes and Diya Nuxoll have been hard at work on an open-source build book. Although it’s not quite ready to go public yet, we are hoping revisions will be complete before Carnival and are very excited at what will likely be the definitive public resource for building a buggy.

We’ll send out some updates once we hear more in the form of an email newsletter to our distribution list. If you’d like to be added or have any questions, we can be reached by email ( as well as through Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or join us on our Discord chat server!