Rolls Report: Apr. 10 – Rock and Rolls

Hey Tishya,

This Rolls Report will be relatively short. Unfortunately, Sunday was rained out, but the few teams that were out were able to get some good practice in. Saturday rolls ran smoothly without any incidents with fou… three teams out.

Good luck

In Attendance

FringeBlind Faith, Baltic
SigEpKraken, Hydra

Painting those lines

Observations (Gallery Currently Unavailable)

At least it’s not as cold as when we did it.

Fringe rolled stop free with their newest members of their Fringe framily. Blind Faith and Baltic got 8 and 7 rolls, respectively.

‘Twas quite unpleasant…

SDC‘s Bane got 13 rolls in one day! Wow! Congrats to SDC for that achievement. It’s very rare we see roll counts in the double digits for a single day of rolls.

Elyce is still salty that I didn’t help both days.

SigEp‘s Hydra and Kraken got 5 and 4 rolls, respectively before scratching for the day. With SigEp out of the picture, Fringe and SDC racked up rolls with some rollarounds similar to the first weekend.

The good thing is

PiKA was scheduled to show up this weekend, but bailed at the last minute leaving behind this ominous scene (their team’s tent in total disarray).

we set the bar for painting real real real low…

Movie Parody of the Week:

You really can’t

Guess the buggy related movie title!

possibly do any worse than we did.

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