Rolls Report: Apr. 03 & 04 – Third Time’s the Charm

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Welcome to 2021’s third Rolls Report! This week brings us a new buggy, the return of an old team, movie references, and a whole lot of rolls.

is reading these,

In Attendance

Apex Phoenix, Molotov
CIA Emperor, Kingfisher
FringeBoson, Baltic
PiKABanshee, Clyodhna
SigEpKraken, Hydra
Spirit Seraph

you can blame Tishya

Observations (Gallery Currently Unavailable)

and Vidya

Apex debuted their their newest buggy, Molotov! Phoenix and Molotov got 7 and 8 rolls in respectively.

for it taking so long.

CIA, thank you for being the only team to update your Instagram account with pictures. I appreciate it <3. Emperor and Kingfisher got 7 and 8 in respectively.

And maybe me

Fringe encountered some vision problems, but managed to get 10 rolls in Baltic (the most of any buggy this weekend) and Boson returned for two rolls.

a little bit…

PiKA has returned! Banshee was reported to have some windshield problems and scratched after its first roll, but Cleo got in 7 roll this Saturday.

My b.

SDC, SigEp, and Spirit rolled problem free this weekend. Bane and Seraph rolled 8 times each. SigEp also got 8 rolls if you combine Hydra and Kraken’s counts.

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Movie Parody of the Week:

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This new segment combines my love of memes and pop culture references. Guess the buggy related movie title!

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