Rolls Report: Mar. 27 – They did it… again!

Welcome back everyone! Sweepstakes has done what may have seemed impossible at first by pulling off another successful day of rolls. Even though Sunday was rained out, teams were able to get up to 7 cycles in on Saturday morning. Saturday was also the debut of SpIApex (more on that later)! Just another example of how students are rising to the challenge of continuing the tradition of buggy in creative and safe ways.

We’ve also got some questions about rolls and the potential Raceday they may be leading up to. Just as a reminder, these rolls practices are strictly for the students participating only and this will likely also be the case for this year’s “Raceday”. It’s still unclear what that may look like, but no matter what happens, these weekends of rolls are major victories for the buggy community.

Another quick note:

If you’ve enjoyed these roll reports or even if you haven’t and think you can do better, my term is coming to an end this year. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming the new Rolls Reporting Officer, feel free to reach out to me ( and make sure to fill out the nomination form by May 3rd.

Gonna try something new here.

In Attendance

FringeBlueshift, Blind Faith
SigEpKraken, Barracuda

Let’s see how much free time you have.

Observations (Gallery Currently Unavailable)


Fringe brought out Blueshift and Blind Faith out this weekend with the former getting 1 roll in and the latter getting an impressive 6 rolls in. There was one stop during Fringe’s run, but it was accident free and things were soon back on track.

…. .. – .. … …. -.– .- –..– .-.. . – …

SDC returned with the fearsome Bane styling some bright yellow wheels. It’s good to see that the SDC teddy bear is still coming out to rolls. Bane shared the top roll count with CIA’s Emperor making it around the course 7 times.

… . . …. — .– –. — — -.. -.– —

SigEp was out this weekend in full force rolling Kraken and Barracuda. Both buggies made it around the course 5 times.

..- .- .-. . .- – — — .-. … . -.-. —

SpIApex. This is a new one. In the past we have seen teams team up before (especially when they’re scrambling for qualifying rolls *cough cough Pike cough*). I remember times when CIApex rolled together and shared a follow car. But this weekend we saw a 3 team conglomerate with Spirit, CIA, and Apex joining forces to roll together (while still abiding by the Sweepstakes Covid-19 restrictions). Even in these crazy times, teams are finding creative ways to work together and overcome some unprecedented challenges. Good work SpIApex (though, you should probably workshop the name a little bit more).

-.. .

Meme of the Week:

While rolls went on mostly hitch-free, it looks like there was a delay at the start. Drone footage caught this wacky scene where the Ever Given caused yet another traffic jam that students are calling the “Suez Chute”.

(I wonder if anyone else has noticed these)

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