SDC: Bane, Vice, Avarice

Fringe: Blind Faith, Baltic, 

Apex: Pheonix, Firefly, Molotov

Spirit: Zuke, KP, Seraph, Inviscid 

CIA: Kingfisher, Emperor, Tempest, Aurora

SigEp: Kraken, 

PiKA: Raptor, Cleo, Banshee

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Congrats to everyone on a very smooth and productive mini raceday!! A special congratulations to Spirit for having the fastest time of the day. 

Congratulations to the winner of Fantasy Buggy: Dave Singh with a total time of 150.12. We will be contacting you for the best way to get you your Buggy Prize Pack.

Also we’d like to recognize our top Front Hill / Buggy and Back Hill Times:

  • Best Front Hill / Free Roll: tie between Bobbie Chen and Dan Francis (86.56)
  • Best Back Hill: Andy Bordick (59.18)

The official best times for each org are listed below: 

 BuggyHill 1Hill 2Hill 3Hill 4Hill 5
PiKANo TimeNo TimeNo TimeNo TimeNo TimeNo Time
SIGEP64.161No TimeNo Time15.05722.54326.563

November 7, 2021 


CIA: Emperor, Equinox

Apex: Phoenix, Firefly

SDC: Bane, Vanity, Vice

Spirit: Seraph, Inviscid, KP

Fringe: Baltic, Bumper, Blind Faith

Started with normal rolls, went to rollarounds after twice around the roll order. 

CIA had a controlled stop w/ Equinox on the first roll (visibility), but otherwise had a smooth day with 13 total Emperor rolls and 5 for Equinox.

Apex got both Firefly and Phoenix to max fall carryover with 2 more Firefly rolls and 6 more Phoenix rolls

SDC didn’t stick around too long for rollarounds—Bane got four more rolls with some heating, Vanity rolled once, and Vice rolled successfully once before a minor crash in the bales due to a steering mishap. For the fourth time this year, SDC also got unlucky again with Bane getting uncleared at the top of the hill after being cleared due to a deer on the course by the lake.

Sunday, Spirit took full advantage of rollarounds, getting 9 total rolls for Seraph, 7 for Inviscid, and 11 for KP with no incidents.

Fringe got one roll for Baltic and three for Bumper. Blind Faith rolled once, but stopped for visibility issues.