October 30, 2021

PiKA: Banshee, Cleo, Raptor 

Apex: Molotov, Solaris 

SDC: Bane, Havoc, Vice, Vanity 

Spirit: Zuke, Kingpin II, Seraph, Inviscid 

Minor delays throughout the day due to Scaife construction crane-ing stuff over the course as well as a Quiz Bowl in Porter Hall that saw increased numbers of pedestrians. But all in all a relatively smooth day of rolls given how few teams were out. After today, every caped team has at least one driver/buggy pair at full rolls carryover for the fall for 13 total pairings at full carryover. 

Apex: Four rolls for Molotov and two for Solaris—some brake and harness rope rubbing issues on Solaris that slowed it down in the chute, but other than that no incidents. 

SDC: Vanity’s axle fell off in the first roll (she had visibility issues due to the construction lights and clipped the outer chute bales) and was scratched the rest of the day, but the other three buggies comfortably got 2 rolls in each. 

Spirit: Unfortunately, Inviscid never hit the course, but Seraph and KP each got 3 rolls and Zuke got 2. 

PiKA: Three rolls for each of Banshee, Cleo, and Raptor with no issues or incidents!