We’re excited to be back in person and see your familiar faces out on the course! We have several Homecoming Weekend events and activities planned:



This year at Mini Raceday we will be testing your skills to see who can be the best chairperson! It’s time to prove you can build the best buggy team by participating in Fantasy Buggy. So, how does it work? The BAA will be timing each Hill time and free roll during rolls on Saturday November 6th. You will build your team of 1 Buggy and Hills 1-5 to aim for the best time. Your score will be an aggregate of your selected team. If you’re in town and interested in helping with timing, reach out to willyclark97@gmail.com.

Using this link, you will be able to fill out your team and compete to win a Buggy Prize Pack. Submissions are free, but if you’d like to donate to the BAA we won’t say no ?


  • Fri Oct 29, 11:59pm: Game open to entries at this link
  • Fri Nov 5, 11:59pm: All entries must be in
  • Sat Nov 6, 7:30-9:00am: Homecoming rolls and times collected
  • Sun Nov 7: Winner is announced and we will contact you for the best way to receive your prize


  • A “Team” will consist of 5 hills and 1 buggy
  • Score to be calculated by best hill times of the day + org’s best free roll time of the day
  • Each entry will be allowed to submit an alternate in the case that the org is a scratch or choose to not run the hill on that day (i.e., PiKA chooses to start at hill 2 so the alternate will be used for hill 1 time)
  • Each org may only be represented once in the starting line up and once in the alternate line up (i.e., if you choose SDC for the Buggy, you CANNOT choose SDC for any of the Hills)
  • All submissions that do not meet the rule requirements will not be eligible for the prize


Friday Nov 5th, 8:00 pm at Fuel and Fuddle

Some BAA Officers will be meeting up for drinks and to talk buggy at Fuel and Fuddle Friday night ahead of Mini Raceday. If so inclined, come down, say hello, share your favorite buggy story, and brag about why your Fantasy Buggy team will be the best.


Saturday No 6th, 7:30 am on the Course and virtually at cmubuggy.org/live

The BAA will have coffee and donuts available for anyone coming out to see rolls. Come by to say hello, and enjoy coffee and a donut on us!

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