This day of rolls started out like any other day so far this year. A small delay due to a truck delivery coming in for parents weekend, some wildlife on the course (living geese and dead chipmunks) and a sleeping barricader leading to an EMS and CMUPD call. Unfortunately, it ended with an ambulance on the course to attend to a buggy crash.

Around 8:25, one of Fringe’s buggies hit the curb to the right of the monument, just before the chute turn. The driver was partially ejected from the buggy and had to be brought to the hospital, but is fortunately fully recovered. The team and Sweepstakes is now taking a look at overhauling safety, and has been having debriefs with EMS, RadioClub and CMU Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) to see what needs to be done and what can be improved.

Any rule changes or new processes will be shared once students have had some time to do their debriefs and a thorough investigation. At this time, it is planned that rolls will resume the weekend of October 22nd so that Sweepstakes can put together a coordinated plan to take appropriate action. If anything changes we will keep you informed. Please direct all questions or concerns to

CIAKingfisher, Emperor, Equinox
FringeBaltic, Boson, Bumper
PiKARaptor, Cleo, Banshee
SDCBane, Havoc, Vice
SigEpKraken, Barracuda
SpiritZuke, KP, Seraph, Inviscid


Apex took it easy today with just one buggy/driver combo out. No major issues there, which was appreciated as always.


CIA has been coming in full force with four buggy/driver combos out each week. Congrats to them for also having four drivers at max carryover for rolls already!


PiKA had a relatively easy day with three buggy/driver combos out.


Other than some more geese on the course, SDC had a pretty straight-forward day.


Barracuda also came to a stop on the course during its first roll, after the driver hit a grate due to some vision and steering issues. Kraken got two solid rolls, hitting max carry-over!


Another easy day for Spirit! Four buggy/driver combos out, 1-2 rolls each.

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Tishya Girdhar


4 thoughts on “Rolls Report – October 10”

  • hard to tell from the description above. Did the fringe buggy hit the bales/ curb on the inside of the chute turn in a somewhat head on manner?

    • While I understand where you’re coming from, unfortunately in this instance a pull test would not have prevented this from happening. The driver was properly strapped into the buggy, the failure was not on the mechanics inability to test if the driver was harnessed into the buggy.

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