February 27, 2021

We definitely were graced with a safe but interesting first day of spring rolls! After Saturday rolls were cancelled due to very cold weather, teams finally made it out, albeit without EMS due to an unfortunate scheduling confusion.

A couple of entertaining incidents:

  • An old guy on the course with a cane yelling at people and birds? A lead car was sent before Spirit’s 4th roll to ensure neither the buggies nor the old guy were harmed
  • At the same time as a stop in the chute (see below), a car honked and then drove straight into the outer schenley bridge barricade. Thankfully he stopped and left before making it anywhere near any buggies.
  • A school bus briefly needed to make a 22-point turn inside of the Hill 1 barricade, causing a brief delay towards the end of rolls

See here for a gallery of the weekend’s photos: https://cmubuggy.smugmug.com/2021-2022/Spring-Rolls-Feb-27/

SDC’s Inferno made an appearance on the course this week!

SigEp: Kraken

CIA: Kingfisher, Equinox

PiKA: Banshee, Cleo, Raptor

Apex: Firefly, Molotov, Solaris

SDC: Bane, Inferno, Havoc

Spirit: Zuke, Kingpin II, Seraph

Fringe: Bumper, Blind Faith

DG: Brazen

SigEp: With just Kraken out this week, SigEp is taking spring rolls slow and steady. It paid off for them, however, they got three solid rolls in with no issues!

CIA: 5 easy rolls each for Kingfisher and Equinox

PiKA: PiKA took the more efficient route, stayed for three rolls per buggy to satisfy bagged requirements and then scooted.

Apex: After a few unintentional passes due to bags falling off of buggies, ended up successfully completing pass tests for all three drivers out today! Four rolls each :)

SDC: Inferno’s return to the course! 3 rolls for Havoc and 5 each for Inferno and Bane, plus a successful pass test in Inferno

Spirit: 5 rolls for each of Zuke and Kingpin, 4 for Seraph. Attempted a pass test for Zuke/KP, but unfortunately didn’t end up passing until the back hills.

Fringe: 2 rolls for Bumper and 1 for Blind Faith. Blind Faith had a stop in the chute that was quickly cleared off the course—no major issues and the driver is A-OK.

DG: 2 successful rolls, they didn’t stick around too long.

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One thought on “Rolls Report – February 27”

  • Just need the old guy to yell at the clouds and we’d have the trifecta.

    Glad to hear buggies are back on course this spring!

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