Rolls Are Coming — Local Help Needed!

As we get ready for freerolls to begin, the BAA needs the help of folks local to Pittsburgh. We don’t currently have a rolls reporter, but want to continue to bring updates to the rest of our community. To that end, we’re hoping to get notes and photos/videos from anyone local who can show up to Rolls.

So, if you are local a few things you can do to help:

  • First, join our buggy-watchers mailing list — this will get updates about when rolls are and are not happening.
  • Second, in the #assignteam channel on our Discord, claim the Pittsburgh Local rank by sending a message of “!rank Pittsburgh Local
  • Finally, sign up for days on which you can provide notes and/or photos on this sheet.

We’re hoping to have at least 1 notetaker and 1 photographer out each day that students are rolling. You don’t have to create Rolls Reports themselves or anything extensive — we’ll handle that. We just need your insight into anything interesting that is happening on a given day.