Rolls Report: Sept 25 – Buggies are Back!

Aaaannnnnnnnnd we’re back, Buggy Time!

Conditions around the course this Sunday morning were mostly good; warm for rolls and the roadway remained in much the same condition that it was during Raceday. However, the inclusions of construction around the Posner building displaced CIA to the bottom of Hill one. In addition, three dumpsters on the back hills required some extra bales to be distributed and the pushers to be more awake than usual. Well, just awake anyway.

Police were not secured for the outer barricades this weekend causing all teams to contribute additional personnel to stand guard around the course.

Our new Sweepstakes chairpeople for this year have developed a rotating system of overseeing Rolls. The new chairman, Hunter Rideout, was absent this weekend, but some familiar faces were present: Elyce Milligan, last year’s Assistant Chairman, has returned as Safety Chair, at least for the Fall Semester. Joyce Chen, the SDC chair RD18, has taken the mantle of Assistant Chairman for Sweepstakes. Jasio Santillan is back running things, but we aren’t quite sure of his official position. All of them grooming are “Bonnie” for the safety chair role she will fill in the spring semester. It’s all a little unconventional, but given the breadth and depth of knowledge at the top of the hill, we predict smooth rolling.

The first Roll was scheduled for 7:00am, so the 7:10 start due to some frantic last-minute Chute sweeping was not bad at all. The delay also gave Atlas a chance to sneak in an early Roll. We started the Roll order with 9 teams present, missing only SigNu and SAE from the predicted list. Hopefully we’ll be seeing those teams later in the semester.

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The First Weekend of Rolls is Here!

Welcome back to another fall semester at CMU; we are 4 weeks into the semester and students are knee deep in their first round of midterms. It’s the perfect time to bust out the Buggies! The first day of Rolls will be Sunday the 23rd, with the first buggy scheduled to hit the course at 7am. We look forward to an amazing start to all sorts of Buggy-goodness.

In other news, the BAA HQ is abuzz with activity where we are hard at work prepping some awesome things for Buggy’s 99th year. Our head of communications, Aileen, is collecting updates and articles for our fall newsletter and for the first time in a long time, our Treasurer is preparing a high level financial summary that will be put out as its own post here to give all of our member a peek behind the scenes.
And if you’re around for Family Weekend (Oct 12-14) or Homecoming (Oct 26-27) this fall, come join us at Rolls for coffee and doughnuts both weekends as well as the always fascinating History of Buggy  by Tom Wood!

Rolls Report: April 14 & 15 – Truck Weekend!

Holy Smokes, Carnival is just days away! It is hard to believe given that we’ve gone from freezing temperatures, to wearing shorts and t-shirts, and back to snow in 2 weeks’ time. Raceday 2018 is upon us, which means this past weekend was the formal buggy dress rehearsal, complete with U-Hauls.

After Heat Selection, it is now confirmed that 25 women’s teams will roll in 10 heats and 27 men’s teams will roll in 12 heats. A complete listing of the heats can be found here.

As per usual, you won’t be getting the nitty gritty details of the last weekend of practice as we prepare to send out the much anticipated Raceday Preview. This year we have packed team summaries, photos, alumni interviews, predictions, and other buggy-goodness into the document. How do you get access to this amazing Work of Buggy? Simple: pay your BAA dues ($10)! BAA dues go a long way to helping us keep you up-to-date on the latest buggy news as well as provide critical support to the current students. Plus, you get the Raceday Preview; that alone is worth the $10. You can join the BAA or renew your membership here.

We wouldn’t hold back everything from you though. Below you will find timing data from Saturday. We have both trap speeds (taken at the monument) and percent speed lost through the chute. We’ll let you pore over the numbers, and you might find one or two unexpected data points.

In Attendance

Org Saturday Sunday
Apex Firefly, Phoenix, Ember, BakedPotato Phoenix, Ember, BakedPotato
CIA Emperor, Impulse, Equinox, Tempest Emperor, Impulse, Equinox, Tempest
Fringe Boson, Blueshift, Bissa, Bolt, Bumper Boson, Blueshift, Bolt, Bumper
PhiDelt Argo Argo
PiKA Cliodhna, Banshee Cliodhna, Banshee
SAE NB2018 NB2018
SDC Inferno, Malice, Vice, Avarice Inferno, Malice, Vice, Avarice
SigEp Kraken, Barracuda, Beyonce, Hydra Kraken, Barracuda, Beyonce, Hydra
SigNu Krait
Spirit Zuke, Kingpin, Seraph, Inviscid Zuke, Kingpin, Seraph, Inviscid

Observations (Saturday Gallery | Sunday Gallery)

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Rolls Report: April 8 – Why is it still snowing?!

With Carnival only one week away, we are still looking for volunteers to help make things run smoothly during Races. If you are going to be at prelims and finals, consider donating a little time to making Raceday great! You can sign up here.

Pittsburgh’s weather didn’t get the memo about how close Carnival is and how desperately teams need Rolls, and it decided to snow on Friday night. Teams awoke to a film of icy snow covering the roads and Sweepstakes was forced to cancel. Fortunately, the precipitation held off the following evening and the course was clear, but cold, for Sunday. RoboBuggy didn’t seem to mind the chill in the air and rolled throughout the day with the rest of the teams. The first human Roll was delayed until 7:30 in hopes that the sun might raise the temperature a bit. It reached a balmy 28F.

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Rolls Report: March 31 & April 1 – No joke, a full weekend of Rolls

Just a couple quick announcements before diving into all the Buggy-goodness:

  1. The BAA needs you! With Carnival just 15 days away, we are looking for volunteers to help out with various Raceday-related events including the WRCT broadcast, Design Showcase Panel, Tabling, and updating the official race times on the BAA website. If you can help, please sign up. We will have small tokens of our thanks for your time, as well as a free buggy book!
  2. If you are currently reading this rolls report you should feel obligated to call, text, tweet at Pittsburgh 311 and to tell them that the road at the intersection of Tech Street and Schenley Drive is in an unacceptable condition. Coming over the top of hill two took more than a few drivers by surprise to the tune of lost hatches and catching air and possibly influenced worse mechanical issues. Phone Number: 3-1-1 (Pittsburgh Area) 412-255-2621 (Outside PGH)
    Online Form and Twitter

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Rolls Report: March 3 – End of Hibernation

This past Saturday saw the first day of Spring 2018 rolls! With only 6 short weeks until Raceday, this practice was eagerly anticipated; at least by a few teams. While the skies were bright and clear on Saturday, the temperature was just warm enough for pushers and drivers to do their thing. Sunday Rolls were called off on Saturday morning in anticipation of temperatures below 25F and subsequent low team turnout.

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Rolls Report: Nov. 12 – Mini-Raceday!

This past weekend, Pittsburgh saw some more wintry weather. While snow wasn’t flying, a 20F morning on Saturday lead to cancelled Rolls. Fortunately the temperature on Sunday crept up above freezing and we were able to have Mini-Raceday! The tl;dr is that Spirit took fastest Freeroll, the PiKA women were the swiftest on the backhills, and SDC took both fastest men’s backhills and fastest overall time. The official Sweepstakes times are towards the end of the post along with timing data from the BAA’s own Shafeeq S.

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Rolls Report: Oct. 28 – Happy Halloween!

Thanks to rain and Halloween shenanigans, teams only rolled for one hour this weekend. Saturday was designated the official evening to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve, so Sweepstakes polled the chairmen and canceled Sunday rolls due to a projected low turn out (and high hangover rate). Unfortunately around 8:30am, Pittsburgh decided it was truly fall and it started to rain. Rolls were immediately called and the course was cleaned up for the weekend.

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Rolls Report: Oct. 14 & 15 – Parents weekend and other fun things

The parents were out in force this weekend! Thanks for everyone who came out to support the insane sport of buggy bright and early this past Saturday and Sunday. It was awesome to have an enthusiastic audience that was either knowledgeable about buggy, asking great questions or even participating; and did we see some folks pushing the back hills?

Shenanigans started before the first buggy was one its way. At 7:15 am on Saturday, bales were still being set up along the Chute. Sweepstakes put out a call for anyone with a broom to clean off the copious amounts of loose hay, after last weekend seems like our fearless leaders are doing everything in their power to reduce the number of incidents.

That said we did start rolling Robobuggy on Saturday while a buggy related vehicle was still parked down in the Chute. The buggy and follow car passed through without incident. Immediately following the first robobuggy roll, the Sweepstakes chair drove down the course and parked between the groups of flaggers to inspect and then correct the placement of the hay bale on the staircase. Unfortunately, Robo still got the all clear even with a car parked in the middle of the road. To their credit they were able to complete the roll without any incident by dodging between the monument and the Sweepstakes vehicle. Atlas was not out this weekend.

With autonomous rolls wrapped up we got started with human filled buggies.

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