First day of freerolls

It was an exciting morning as ten teams turned out for the first day of freeroll practice. The sun was shining, buggies were bagged and lots of new drivers took the wheel to kick off the ’08-’09 season. The Sweepstakes committee did a great job of getting things moving and keeping the momentum through the morning. Here’s how the teams faired:

Pioneers, and Beta did not roll. CIA did Beta’s chores for the day, and the Phipps barricades were guarded by three of CIA’s six drivers.

KDR had a very short first day on the course, hitting the curb near transition after being the first buggy to roll for the year. They scratched the rest of the day.

SAE/Kappa: This combo team of SAE and Kappa Kappa Gamma brings back SAE’s late 90s buggy, Rubicon, and gives Kappa’s sisters a little more refined machine than Ursula. First roll, hatch dragged through the chute. Second roll, the driver lost visibility and made a beeline for the monument, nearly hitting it before making a sharp right turn towards the curb and stopping just in time.

AEPi: Big attendance, two buggies (Zephyrus and Camo).

SigNu: The Zoo rolled King of Spades, Tenth Commandment, and Skua. A memorable hill 5 was pushed by this guy:

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