Sweepstakes Committee 2010 elected

These kids aren’t just breaking course records like they’re nothing special, they’re also thinking one step ahead about running the show next year.  Traditionally, the first sweepstakes meeting of the year is called by the defending champion some time in September.  After a couple of meetings a committe is elected and they rush to figure out what they’re doing to get rolls started as soon as they can.

This year, they decided to do the electing now so that the committee has the entire off-season to get a feel for things and set their agenda.  It makes an 8 month job into a 12 month job, but at the wages they’re getting paid, sweepstakes can afford it.

Without further ado, the raceday 2010 sweepstakes committe is:

  • Chair: Jess Thurston (Fringe, graduating, starting Masters)
  • Assistant: Chris Shellhamer (Pika, will be sophomore ChemE)
  • Safety: JB Feldman (AEPi, will be senior CS)

Good luck to them, and good work outgoing committee.  Thanks to Vincent for hooking me up with the official info.

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