55 teams will contest this year’s men’s and women’s races, up 5 from last year.  That’s what we like to see.  Mission #3 of the buggy alumni association coming up spades.  Even though we’re up 5 teams, there will be only 19 heats which is 6 fewer than last year.  The trick is that since hill 1 was repaved this summer, buggy can once again use all three lanes and set up some action-packed heats.

Now that the heats are settled and it is 9am Friday morning, the auction is open for bids!  Head right on over to


and get in on the action.  Remember …

and the heats are:

Update: There were  few last minute changes to the heats which are now marked in orange …

  • Phikap will not be entering a Men’s C
  • CIA C moved from lane 2 to lane 3 in Men’s heat 2
  • CIA A moved from heat 7 to heat 6

Trivia question that I don’t have time to look up: When was the last time PiKA didn’t have the first seed? Bonus points for the last time they were down in 3rd seed.

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