State of the BAA report – 2 years in

Last night, a historic 2 hour conference call marked the peaceful transition of power from the founding committee of the Buggy Alumni Association to the 50% newly elected committee that will lead us forward into 2011.

We covered administrative details of course, but we wanted to take this moment to step back and appraise our progress towards advancing the five goals stated in our mission.  The questions we asked ourselves were, “How have we done in our first two years?” and “What ideas do we have to keep things moving forward?”

Preserve and make accessible the history of the sport
Grade so far : B+

Efforts so far
–  Created a database of buggy history, solicited data, and put it on the web
–  Created an online gallery of pictures and solicited pictures from the university and alumni
–  Helped to promote and facilitate the now-perennial History of Buggy presentations

Ideas for 2011
– Improve the integration between media and history [enable tagging of people / buggies]
– Create a data entry back-end so that new data can be quickly included and not sit in a queue
– Make it easier to contribute pictures and video
– Offer to help digitizing analog pictures and video
– Look into a physical space to archive buggy memorabilia Continue reading

Sweepstakes and BAA elect new leadership

Both of these elections actually happened a few weeks ago, but they deserve to be officially announced and introduced.

The 2011 Sweepstakes Committee is

  • Chairman – Chris Shellhamer (Jr., 2010 Assistant Chair, PiKA)
  • Assistant Chairman – Janice Chen (Sr., Head Driver, AEPi)
  • Safety Chair – Fritz Langford (Sr., Chairman, SigEp)

and the 2011 Buggy Alumni Association committee, decided by a hotly contested online election is

Good luck to both teams next year!

Buggy documentary screening – Wed 10am

1 year for 2 minutesIf you’re reading and you’ll be on campus on wednesday, you shouldn’t miss the world premier of “1 year for 2 minutes,” a student filmed and produced documentary about buggy.

The film is the result of a year-long SURG-funded effort by David Kinskey-Lebeda and Erin Gantz that explores the addictive craziness that is buggy with interviews and buggy footage.  The main players on screen are largely CIA folks, but the questions they ask and answer are definitely relevant to the entire buggy world.  We, the BAA committee were even interviewed at length, and haven’t seen how that turned out yet.  Should be interesting.

When and Where

Wed, May 5th at 10am
UC McConomy Auditorium

EXTENDED Screening
Sat, May 8th at 8pm
Breed Hall (Margaret Morrison 103)

Facebook event!/event.php?eid=121978317814884

Trailer Continue reading

Vote now for BAA Chairman

After collecting nominations and doing a little discussion of the nominees in the forum, it’s time to vote.  Just to review, the two positions up for election this year are Chairman and Assistant Chairman.  The other two positions, Head Mechanic (currently: me) and Treasurer (currently: Chris Stengel) will be elected next year.  The idea is to maintain some continuity by staggering things.

We’ve only got one accepted nomination for Assistant Chair, so Shafeeq will be stepping right into that role.  Janice and Carl have both bravely stepped up to lead us around the course next year, and they’d both do a great job I’m sure.  It’s up to you to pick who gets the job!


  • Janice Golenbock: Fringe driver/head driver ’98-’02, Sweepstakes Chair ’03 & ’04, Design Chair ’03 & ’04, Head Judge ’05   (forum posts)
  • Carl Nott: SDC pusher ’95, Spirit mechanic ’96-’98, Spirit MFIC ’98, Head Judge ’01    (forum posts)

Assistant Chairman

  • Shafeeq Sinnamohideen: CIA mechanic/head mechanic ’98-’00, Race Starter ’10

Click through to vote or see results: Continue reading