UPDATE:  All reservations must be made by Friday March 23rd.

Now you can’t say we never did anything nice for ya.

After weeks of late-night, never-back-down, tooth-and-nail negotiation sessions, the Buggy Alumni Association is proud to announce the first ever members-only hotel discount.  That’s right, we’ve secured a limited number of rooms at the luxurious Hampton Inn during the peak-demand days around carnival at a below-market rate.

The details:

  • Hampton Inn – University Center @ 3315 Hamlet St. (just off of Blvd of the Allies, 1 mile from the Chute)
  • Stay any or all of the nights between 4/18 (Wed) and  including 4/21 (Sat)
  • Pay just $129 + taxes per night while those suckers who don’t love buggy enough to support the BAA will be paying $179 + taxes
  • Reservations must be made by 3/19 or before the limited supply is exhausted
  • Amenities include, but may not be limited to: Free hot breakfast buffet, free shuttle service within 3 miles, free wireless internet, and free company of other enthusiastic buggy alumni in “carnival mode”

How do you get in on this?

  1. Act fast
  2. Check the membership roster to make sure you’re part of the 2012 team
    1. If you are, nicely done, thanks for your support!  Continue on to your reward.
    2. If not, it could be our fault.  You’re a member if you’ve made a contribution of any size at all to the BAA since May 1st, 2011.  Please e-mail questions, requests for confirmation, or fwd your giving receipt to join@cmubuggy.org to update your status.
    3. If you’re not listed as a member yet, and it’s not because we’re bad at record keeping, that’s ok!  It’s a perfect time to join.  Follow the instructions on our membership page and fwd your giving receipt to join@cmubuggy.org.
  3. Once you are a member, e-mail info@cmubuggy.org to request the special discount code.  We’ll confirm your membership status and get the code right back out to you
  4. Visit the Hampton Inn – University Center website and make your reservation using the group discount code.

We’ll update this post with updates on the remaining availability, but be warned that we don’t have direct access to that info, so we might find out at the same time you do.  We hope you’re as psyched as we are that a bunch of our members will save $50-$200 on their trip to carnival.  Put that money to good use while you’re here (that includes all definitions of “good”).

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