Men’s Finals washed out, SDC Sweeps 2012

The rain held off for long enough to squeeze the women’s finals run starting earlier than scheduled at 8am.  A quick downpour doused the crowd waiting for the men’s heats to begin, and sweepstakes called it.  SDC takes both the Men’s and Women’s crowns for 2012.

More wrap-up later!  Enjoy the rest of carnival!

Final results:

8 thoughts on “Men’s Finals washed out, SDC Sweeps 2012”

  • Once again, Sam, you and the rest of the BAA crew have done a great job. The CIA alumni chat was referring to the leaderboard yesterday, and a “God bless that obsessive website” was heard.

    Thank you for those of us who can’t make it to Pittsburgh!

  • Sam rules
    I fear for the future of buggy and the BAA with his departure.

    I am also blown away by CMU TV and wrct production crews. They work harder than any 2 buggy orgs on raceday and that is saying a lot.

  • I really do think cmuTV stepped up their coverage this year. It might have been my imagination, but I think they were far more ambitious with keeping more coverage on things besides the lead buggy, and it really made the early races especially more exciting. The org spotlight was another great and well-executed idea. Well done, unsung camera-people!

  • I think the cameras were still mostly pointed at the action in front but that most of the good stuff happened on camera. We missed a few passes and one bump that resulted in a dq.

    The packages were great. being self exploratory, they worked much better than the ones we to narrate in the past (and failed). Also, their playback system was improved from prior years. tis a shame we did not get to show some of the CIA footage they had that did not make the original broadcast. They had that on tap for day 2.

    Also, hats off to the 2 WRCT broadcasters who have really gotten the hang of sports broadcasting in general and buggy in particular. They have been doing it for a few years and have really climbed the learning curve. Long gone are the days of the floating taco and the push handle. Despite not being buggy people, they have really tried hard and learned a bunch and for the most part have a real good grip on presenting the play by play and leaving the ‘color’ to the buggy alum in the other chair.

    Still need to work on getting the clock on screen and getting it to be right. It is still triggered by hand by a person who cannot hear the gun. We were off by as much as 4 seconds in some heats. They were working on inserting the finish line clock as a picture in a picture for day 2. Hopefully this will work better next year.

  • just so long as we don’t get the floating heads like we did before, I’m in favor of using the official time. That being said, a lot of disputes can be solved by claiming that the timer isn’t accurate (which in itself is an accurate statement).

    I’ve found some energy to revisit a project I had as a student, we’ll see if it lasts long enough for me to make a prototype.

    • Official time on the video was another restriction of the truck used for the cmuTV production. The timing equipment can support such a connection.

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