Prelims awesome; finals waiting on weather

Prelims were pretty awesome.  We’re hoping Finals will happen and be awesome despite the threat of rain.  Here’s the deal with what happened and what is scheduled to happen.

Prelims Results

Women’s Finals

Heat Lane 1 Lane 3
1 SigEp A SDC C
2 SDC B Spirit A

Men’s Finals

Heat Lane 1 Lane 3
2 SigEp A Fringe B
3 SDC B Spirit B
3 Fringe A SigEp B

17 thoughts on “Prelims awesome; finals waiting on weather”

  • Interesting to see re-rolls done with 2 in a heat…has that ever been done before? Seems like the chances of an incident would lead sweepstakes to decide NOT to do that…who wants a 3rd re-roll?

  • Just did a double take rewatching the races. Was that SDC flagging for Fringe’s Mens B?

    See ~2:10:00 in the CMUtv stream

    • It was. There was some confusion about when the first heat was and our flagger wasn’t in position so SDC did us a favor and flagged Bissa. No conspiracy here…

  • @dafuq – That’s true – I believe the heat began a few minutes earlier than the flaggers were informed. The lead truck was the first they knew about the men’s heats beginning. I appreciate the SDC flagger signaling Angela.

  • given that flags are generally in the same spot, i don’t know why every team needs their own flagger, besides having a position designated as the bitch job. i have always wondered if it would work out to designate a precise flagging location and call it a buggy chore.

    • I loved flagging. Getting to flag was like just getting to watch freerolls, check out other teams, go to my happy place. Relaxing compared to actually loading, unloading, or pushing.

    • Going by memory from the quality of some of AEPi’s flaggers over the years, no, teams do not want to make this a buggy chore. Sharing between teams makes total sense though, I have set up that in the past and it works fine.

    • Some teams also actually use their flaggers for location purposes and take different lines than others so having one person do it would not in those situations.

      Although, as zatch said, a lot of teams have worked together, and fill in for eachother during weekend rolls, so there’s no reason that teams shouldn’t maybe coordinate for some parts of the year. Maybe they could use those people saved to get more data…

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