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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Raceday News – Auction and other stuff

Tired of hearing from us yet? Well TOO BAD, I’ve got more Raceday info hot off the presses (from tuesday night) and it’s coming your way. There will be plenty more posts coming out as we continue to get closer and closer to Raceday. Be sure to help us spread the word and tell all […]

Raceday News – BAA room block in Hampton Inn

So I really meant to get this out sooner, but I just got the last of the info today, sorry if it’s too late for you. If you’re coming into Pittsburgh for the races this year, the Hampton Inn is generously holding 15 rooms for BAA people in a mix of doubles and singles rooms […]

Rolls Report: March 16 – Skeleton Day

There were only 5 orgs out on sunday for the 1.5 hours of rolls and it was one of the smoothest yet. Teams that came out were generally the most skeleton crews that have ever seen the course, but they were all very efficient and organized. The cones were back out on the course flagging […]

Rolls Report: March 1 – Is It Spring?

AND WE’RE BACK! Well… by we, I mean buggy, and by back, I mean rolls… The snow gave a one day reprieve and Sweepstakes jumped on the opportunity to start off the year. It was a cold start to the year, but boy was it a start, everything under the sun happened that Saturday. Some […]

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