Pothole talk from the Mayor


Yesterday on WESA, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto talked about the transportation system in the city which included a segment on potholes and repairs in addition to the whole public transit talk. The most relevant info is in the first 7 minutes or so.

I was listening to this live and almost called in myself until I realized that I was driving and would definitely get distracted and probably crash.


Relevant highlights that I caught:

  • Plan to fix potholes within 72 hours. This is a change from the 1-4 week that he claims it used to be (or not at all for us).
  • Potholes will be squared, filled and sealed instead of just dumping hot asphalt in the hole which does not last and is very lumpy.

Not a whole lot of info, and so far there is no reason to believe that it will actually happen (definitely not for this year), but it’s definitely nice to see it being addressed.

If you know of any potholes that need fixing, the pothole reporting form got consolidated to this site: http://pittsburghpa.gov/311/form/. To report a pothole, scroll down to the Incident Information section, and choose “potholes” in the topic of concern pull-down menu.

8 thoughts on “Pothole talk from the Mayor”

  • Elmo Zoneball says:

    I suggest Sweepstakes start giving the really big potholes on the course proper names. This is inspired by the stories about the mudholes in the unpaved streets of Seattle in the 1800’s during the rainy season, which got so big they were given names. One was reputedly so large a horse fell into it and drowned.

    Surely, there a potholes on the course that are approaching a size sufficient to swallow a buggy.

  • Oh geez. Can’t believe I didn’t think of this earlier. Mayor Peduto is a CMU Pika alumnus. My guess is he knows about buggy and perhaps can be persuaded to rotate the patching schedule.

  • Craters are generally named after deceased scientists, scholars, artists and explorers who have made outstanding or fundamental contributions to their field. Sweepstakes chairpersons, winning drivers, all-star pushers, etc. could lend their names. Alternatively, if you can’t auction the lead truck, sell naming rights to craters (kind of like the star galleries).

  • Elmo Zoneball says:

    Alternatively, if you can’t auction the lead truck, sell naming rights to craters (kind of like the star galleries).

    Yes! That’s the spirit! (no pun intended.)

  • Sweepstakes chairmen received a cease and desist letter today for filling potholes on the course. Anybody caught from here on out filling potholes on the course will be given a citation. City has apparently been alerted by the school multiple times about the state of the course.

  • so what as long as they don’t throw someone in jail. caught is the operative. you need an epoxy mix with sand just pour and screw

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