Raceday 2018
April 20-21


That’s right, there’s only 12 hours left in the Lead Truck auction. We just broke the $750 barrier which is awesome, but not anywhere close to our best. Remember, share this with anyone and everyone, we don’t want to have anyone realize too late that they could have won a spot in the lead truck!

Also, by this point Truck weekend is over and we here at the BAA are working hard on the Members only preview. The Raceday Preview is still set to come out Monday. We know our lists are incomplete, so if you have paid your dues, but don’t get your preview right away, don’t fret! Just shoot us an email saying when or how you donated (via our site, or by registering for the Luncheon) and we’ll get that preview sent right to you!

2 Responses to 12 HOURS REMAIN!

  1. I am a current member (having donated $100 through the CMU web site late last year.
    I am interested in be listed as a member (MCS 1986).
    Please send me a copy of the preview for this year’s races. I plan to be there both days!


    Jeff Kenausis

    • Hey Jeff, we had some issues getting the preview out monday morning, we’re working on getting it out as soon as possible. we’re making sure all our lists are compiled, so if you donated during this academic year, we should get you.

      I’ll be sending out a notice when the preview goes out and if you still don’t get it, please follow the instructions that will be in that post.

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