Heat selections happened last night and went pretty smoothly. No one was wondering about hill 1 times at all, so either everyone has done some fantastic scouting, or we will have some very interesting hill 2 races. The big shenanigan of the night was PiKA attempting to run 3 men’s teams with only Banshee and Chimera. By removing that, a whole heat was removed and the whole thing had to be redone, not that it made much of a difference in the end.

Sweepstakes is allowing 24 hrs for teams to make any swaps as they need them. Because of that we will be launching the Auction tonight when heats become final. In the mean time, enjoy these videos from Rolls a couple weekends ago.

5 thoughts on “Auction mini-post – Heat Selections and chute vids”

  • Given the road conditions, I’m pleasantly surprised to see three buggies per heat this year. I don’t expect it to be a great year for competition, but given the lack of practice and the differences in seeding vs (what I expect) to be actual times, should be a hell of a year for spectators.

    Especially if this weekend is rained out and the chairmen give a free pass to the lazy teams, like normal.

  • wow that’s a foul chute turn – are they teaching it that way? It looks like what was previously required to pull off an inside chute pass. I know there are potholes but I doubt they require such foolishness.

    • The long crack further down by Scaife has grown to buggy-eating proportions, so I suspect there’s a desire to ensure that they stay to the right of it. What they were doing last weekend was not quite so extreme. Who knows what next weekend will bring. Forecast is for 3 days of rain until Friday night, so it looks like one damp and one cold & dry practice are all that’s left.

      The “dive right for the corner and hope you can hang on afterwards” pass is likely not feasible anymore in a fast buggy. But I bet there will be a driver with the balls to try it anyway.

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