Compubookie 2015

Compubookie is getting lazier and lazier, so lazy that they again missed the print deadline for the Tartan. After a few years of being late, the team at the Tartan doesn’t care and can’t be bothered to do anything with it. We’re not ones to censor buggy related news and he/she/it seems to have toned down a bit this year after last year’s backlash, even though it seems they’ve forgotten that women’s finals now goes to 8 teams, not just 6.

By the way, have you checked out the Lead Truck Auction yet? We’ve only got about 32 hours left in the Auction and there are still a few heats and finals picks that haven’t been bid on so get on it and claim your spot in the lead truck for yourself or a friend!

The Raceday Preview is just about ready for release and it looks like it’ll be our biggest one to date. It’s going to be chock full of interesting and fun articles as well as detailed team descriptions to give you the scoop on what teams have been up to since last raceday. Right now we are checking our membership roster and making sure that you get what you paid for. If you haven’t yet renewed your membership or signed up, there’s still time! Just make sure you let us know and we’ll get it to you as quickly as we can.

If you’re too cheap to get the full preview (really? it’s only $10), we will be sitting down with some recent alums and current students this WEDNESDAY at 7:00PM EST broadcasting our raceday predictions from the WRCT booth in the basement of the UC. Be sure to tune in or stream it live from their site.

Now, without further ado…


Compubookie 2015

Yeah, I’m back again. I’m a bit hurt you guys mowed down the field last year, but I guess I’ll have to tone it down a bit this time around. Ha!

At this point, Sweepstakes should just shorten Spring rolls to 3 weeks and call it a night. For a second straight year, teams have been scrambling to qualify, with much carnage in the chute. The main team of note here has got to be the defending champs, SDC, who crashed or spun in the chute what seems like the majority of the time throughout the year.

Here’s some of my overall observations from rolls this year:

The Good

CIA – They’ve come a long way the past few years, now producing roll ups that challenge the top teams. Is it those shiny new wheels?

PiKA – They were possibly the most consistent team all Spring, finally getting it together with their baby buggy.

PhiDelt – New teams are never a bad thing.

Robobuggy – A novel idea which is finally coming to fruition.

The Bad

SDC – As mentioned above, spinspinspin.

Fringe – I don’t know where their brains are at. Prove me wrong – but I’m down on the 9 wheeled rollerblade buggy.

SAE – The camber on their slammed buggy is absolutely absurd.

SigNu – I know they have a small house, but it seems like they’re giving negative effort. Did you even teach your driver a line?

The Boring

AEPi – Same old.

APEX – They finally got Ember out and rolling, but not as fast as I’m sure they’d like.

SigEp – No incidents, but no speed either. What gives?

Spirit – They’re still spinning, but not as much as last year. What did you buy with all that fundraising?

And now … the predictions! It’s time for some upsets around here. But, I’m not sure we’ll see any.

For the women-I’ve got to imagine that even spinny SDC A will be able to make the turn at the slower women’s speed, and they should easily roll into first place. PiKA A’s downhill speed and good rollups should be enough to slide them into second place, with CIA A following with their new-found speed. SigEp A and Fringe A round out the top 5. Fringe will be frantic with their unique fleet of buggies this, year with big potential to screw something up.

The men’s races may be the most interesting we’ve seen in a while. It seems as through teams, especially SDC, SigEp and Fringe, are slowing down to be cautious. I’m not sure if this is because of being short on time, or the rough conditions of the chute. Either way, I don’t see anyone breaking any records this year, despite the freshly paved downhill. If teams DO bring the speed, expect to see tons of crashing and spinning.

As much as I’d love to see a new winner this year, I just don’t see it happening. Malice has been SDC’s most consistent buggy, and their veteran driver should be able to make it through the turn safety. PiKA has looked impressive this year, but their pushers have been MIA at rolls. The sheer lack of downhill competition this year will net them third-place. SigEp A and B will split PiKA here, narrowly squeaking ahead of Spirit A for second and fourth places.

Good luck to all the teams – be safe and alert. As always, I’ll see you at the races, but you won’t see me!


1.) SDC A

2.) PiKA A

3.) CIA A

4.) SigEp A

5.) Fringe A

6.) SDC B


1.) SDC A

2.) SigEp A

3.) PiKA A

4.) SigEp B

5.) Fringe A

6.) CIA A

7.) Spirit A

8.) APEX A

9.) SAE A

10.) PikA B

SDC – Your wheels are supposed to spin fast..not your buggy

CIA – Hey, there’s always design comp!

PhiDelt – Haha

PiKA – Losing your hatches like you’re losing your dynasty.

SigEp – Just keep swimming, just keep swimming … into third. Your marine-theme is washed up.

SAE – Your jorts make you look as crooked as your wheels

Spirit – If you spent as much time improving your buggy as you did decorating, you might have some real decorations.

Fringe – I think this will work! I think this will work! I think this will work! I think this will work! I think this will work! I think this will work! I think this will work! I think this will work! I think this will work!

SigNu – If you rolled your buggy as well as you rolled your joints, maybe you’d have a chance.

APEX – Delamination is the least of your concerns this year.

AEPi – “Team you’d most want to race with on Raceday for 500, Alex”

8 thoughts on “Compubookie 2015”

  • “Here’s some of my overall observations from rolls this year.”
    I really hope you mean your observations from the rolls reports, because I can’t spot a single new, original observation in this.

    Also, it’s about time you take the field out behind the barn and put it down.

  • Sorry I was late with the article this year, I’ve been busy. And what’s wrong with recycling my own jokes?

  • those predictions says:

    Those predictions make me wonder if compubookie has watched the rolls at all this year, and how out of the loop he/she/it is with regards to the strength of each push team.

  • Gather round, kids and grownups alike, it’s time for MechaJockey’s first annual Alternative Compubookie report, bringing you only the finest in stale and predictable humor, coming direct to Pittsburgh from The Internet! I’ve had a great year in hiding, staying far away from the course and plotting everyone’s demise with my cold, calculating, mechanical brain. This robot feels no compassion for you meatbags, and am here to serve up a hot dish of computer-generated snark, beep boop.

    We’ll get things rolling with the tasteless insults!

    AEPi: Passed over by relevance yet again

    Apex: Even without your founders, you still know nothing

    CIA: All you needed to succeed was to be exactly like everyone else.

    Fringe: Three’s company, nine’s a crowd

    PhiDelt: Kool Dudes Racing, take 3

    PiKA: Help, we’ve fallen, and we can’t get up!

    SAE: Point your wheels in the same direction and we’ll talk

    SDC: SDC’s worst enemy since 2010

    SigEp: One good engineer short of having a chance

    SigNu: If I were taking orders from middle-aged men, I’d expect minimum wage

    Spirit: At least they’re having fun

    Robobuggy: Just playing with RC cars

    And now for MechaJockey’s top ten raceday picks:

    1: Fringe buggy, sans pusher

    2: Spirit buggy, backwards

    3: Six Fringe wheels, sans buggy

    4: Two haybales

    5: The Followtruck

    6: Then, the Leadtruck

    7: Crowd of children pushing CIA buggy

    8: KDR B

    9: Missing PhiKap buggy from 2010

    10: Mark Estes on a scooter

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