Congrats to SDC and CIA

What an amazing Raceday! It was an amazing year of solid races, incredibly close times and some unexpected upsets. On top of how close the races were, this has probably been one of the safest years of races in recent history. Before we get into the awards, we want to give a huge thank you to the sweepstakes team this year. Elon, Haliey, and John were a pleasure to work with throughout the year and particularly as we worked out the details for Raceday itself.

If you missed the Races, you can still catch them on CMUtv and they are well worth the watch, or re-watch, or re-re-watch. Commentary this year was again fantastic thanks to the return of Andy Bordick and Will Weiner who were joined this year by Connor Hayes of Apex fame. CMUtv also did a great job capturing the races this year continuing their great use of the picture-in-picture display and also adding a scrolling ticker to the bottom of the screen so you never had to wait more than a minute for the times you wanted to see. Thanks also to WRCT for getting the audio feed to the chute fixed for the second day.

Now without further ado, here are the awards that were presented after everything was said and done.

Race Awards

Place Men’s Women’s
2nd SigEp A Fringe A
4th Fringe A PiKA A
5th SDC B
6th Apex A

Other Awards

Award Team
T-Shirt SAE
Spirit of Buggy PhiDelt
Chairman’s Choice SigEp
Design Comp 1st CIA – Equinox
Design Comp 2nd Spirit – Inviscid
Design Comp 3rd Fringe – Balious
People’s Choice Spirit – Inviscid

Pictures from Design comp, Prelims, and Finals have all been streaming in to our galleries. Add yours to the mix if you haven’t yet.

There has been a lot of great discussion in our newly fixed forums, so be sure to check that out and join the conversation.

If you missed the buggy pre-show this year, feel free to take a listen and hear from Former Sweepstakes Chair and SigEp Brother Athony Pacella, Current CIA member Carl Glazer, new PhiDelt Chair Alex Russel, and BAA person Ben Matzke. We cover some of the events of last year, recap some of the rolls happenings of this year, hear about our new organization PhiDelt and give our predictions for what we expected to happen during Raceday 2015.


Running this site and all the things you have come to expect throughout the year take the time and effort of our dedicated crew. This year we are looking for new people to join the ranks of the BAA so that we can expand our efforts and continue to provide the community with the support and information it desires. If you are interested in helping us do that, feel free to ask us any questions on this thread in the forums.