Passing of a legend: Robert Anderegg

To anyone that’s played any role in buggy over the last 50 years, you have probably heard of one man who has made an enormous impact on the sport and kept us safe. Robert Anderegg, better known as Fire Marshall Bob (or FMB for short) played a critical role over in the safety of buggy since he joined the CMU community. To those of us that worked in the truck and had the chance to attend his one-of-a-kind fire safety trainings, he will be enormously missed.

His obituary was posted in CMU’s The Piper:

bobanderegg_120x120Robert Anderegg, a fire safety specialist for the Environmental Health & Safety Department and a member of the CMU community for 50 years, died on Aug. 16. He was 77.

Anderegg started at CMU in 1965 as a university police officer before becoming interested in fire safety and fire prevention. He became an expert in the field, providing support to Facilities Management Services and the foundation for the Environmental Health & Safety Department. “Fireman Bob” as he was affectionately known, Anderegg supervised the construction and safety of student booths and Sweepstakes buggies during Spring Carnival. He won an Andy Award for Citizenship in 2001 as a member of the EH&S team that created the Household Hazardous Waste Program. Anderegg received praise from many of the student organizations he supported.