New Addition to the Archives

Special thanks to Elmo Zoneball for his donation of some 8mm home video from the 1976 Sweepstakes races. Great clips of each part of the course as well as some bonus celebration.


2 thoughts on “New Addition to the Archives”

  • Elmo Zoneball says:

    In case anyone is interested, the folks are all wearing heavy coats on day one of Sweepstakes because it was FREEZING COLD.

    IIRC it was below 32F before the first heat. The slo-mo footage is the finals on Saturday (I think.)

    The closing footage shows the SAE buggy “Intrepid” on the patio of their chapter house. The guy in the green sweater/light colored pants leaning against the brick wall is Robert Thomas, Jr., who designed and constructed “Intrepid.”

  • Elmo Zoneball says:

    “Intrepid” took 2nd in Design, and 6th place in the Sweepstakes,in 1975, and won Design outright, and 8th in Sweepstakes in 1976, when this film was made.

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