Midsemester Break – No Rolls but some News

With not enough teams to meet quorum, buggy took a break for the long weekend of the midsemester. With nothing to report on, we’ve been looking for something to share with you guys. Given our current struggle with membership tracking, we know there are some of you that didn’t get our most recent publication. So, until we figure out our tracking issue, everyone who reads this can get their own copy. Just send an email to news@cmubuggy.org, no donation required. If you’re feeling generous however, we of course wouldn’t say no.


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4 thoughts on “Midsemester Break – No Rolls but some News”

  • You should become a member so you can read it! It’s excellent, although I may be biased, and members will get more to come!

  • Hey here’s a new stop flag rule that isn’t terrible that I hear is being brought up. I would suggest that rather than a year long DQ it’s a re-safety and some onerous training, but this is a world better than previous submissions. I’d jack up the fine even more, actually.

    Rule follows:

    7.2.1 Education Program
    (under topics that shall be discussed:)
    A map of the course, detailing the normal path of a buggy from start to finish. After the conclusion of the meeting, a course walk shall be performed with all of the drivers and a volunteer signal flagger in attendance. In addition to viewing the run of the course, the purpose of the course walk shall be to demonstrate the signal flagging locations to the drivers with the help of this volunteer.
    Use of signal flags, including the required chute flags and the yellow colored emergency flag. The volunteer signal flagger will be able to demonstrate a physical example which he or she shall bring to the meeting.
    A video demonstrating a driver’s point-of-view perspective of either a complete run of the course or a successful stop at a yellow emergency flag.

    8.1.3 Signal Flaggers
    (fourth paragraph:)
    If a driver fails to stop within a reasonable distance when a stop flag is shown to the driver, that driver’s sponsoring organization shall be fined the amount of $90.00. Like spot safety failure, if this occurs more than once in a particular buggy during any one school year, that buggy shall not be permitted to participate in any type of practice session or Sweepstakes race for the remainder of that school year.

    Appendices, .1 Fines
    Stop at a yellow stop flag on the course: $90 per occurrence (sec. 8.1.3)

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