Raceday 2018
April 20-21

Buggy Watch Parties in YOUR AREA!

The BAA is making a push to encourage local alumni groups to host Race Day Watch Parties on the Saturday morning of Carnival as a way of bringing the buggy alumni community closer together, generating a spark that leads to a more cohesive community across the country!
Are you interested in seeing Watch Party come to your city? Help us push forward the plan to host simultaneous alumni gatherings throughout major cities on the day of the Finals.¬†For each city, we will need one person to take the lead in either securing a location or arranging for a viewing at someone’s home. Contact Jillian Brinberg at jrbrinberg (at) gmail.com if this piques your interest, you want to take part in it, you have any questions, or you’d like to talk through some of your own ideas!

21 Responses to Buggy Watch Parties in YOUR AREA!

  1. Anyone living in the Poughkeepsie area >.<
    Though might just be easier to join an NYC crew…

    • Since you’re obviously not Vishesh from SigEp…then yeah, there’s at least one more person up there who has an unhealthy addiction to buggy!

  2. Belize, anyone going to be in the San Pedro / Ambergris Caye. I’ll be having my buggy party from there. I have the suite, come by and visit.


  3. I’m going to have some people over to watch in San Jose. Let me know if anyone else is interested!

  4. Since i will probably be subbing for Andy during the broadcast, I may as well open up suggestions for the broadcast drinking game magic words Suggest away.

    • If I hear the word “Taco” at any point during the broadcast, pledges will douse the broadcast booth with Grape Mad Dog 20/20.

      If you can sneak in Thermogravimetry, it will be a shot. Any following reference to TGA will also be a shot.

      I believe the word “Andy” should require a full chug of whatever alcohol you’re currently in possession of.

    • For those looking for that continued buzz….(1) drink for each ‘freeroll’ and ‘chute’ mention. Full chug for any ‘Compubookie’ and (backing up Bordick) ‘floating the taco’ references. ‘Spirit spins’ would be too dangerous.

  5. I’m down with doing a Seattle area viewing party, tho will be pretty early in the morning. Mimosas and waffles to be served if there is interest. Tho I’ll probably be making them anyway.

  6. Uh, I’ll be watching here in Germany (since I have to write the Raceday recap, anyway) if anyone’s in the vicinity? I know there are at least a couple other alumni in the NRW area.

  7. magic words 2016

    Key man
    Atomic cannon
    Snakes arrive
    Short fingered vulgarian

  8. So far, equipment failure. Headphones full of 60 hz and my chute comments are not making it past the microphone.

  9. The cmuTV link does not provide a live feed. It just shows archived programming. Anybody know what’s going on? Anybody got the correct link?

  10. apparently. the real secret phrase was all the variants of “ember is a good/fast buggy” . My parrot was watching the broadcast and cannot stop repeating it.

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