Raceday 2018
April 20-21

8 Responses to Lead Truck Auction is LIVE

  1. Any explanation as to why SDC C is hanging out in a heat of its own with apparently both teams in the next heat fully content to not grab lane 1? Or a clarification as to why those heats are labeled as 1a and 1b in the auction? Are they the same heat or not?

    • My understanding (or lack of, as is often the case) is some sort of shenanigans. Spirit B didn’t want to race SDC C? SDC C didn’t want to race Spirit B? Maybe an entire email list of entrenched interests can answer my old person’s question.

      • From Sweepstakes:

        Sweepstakes, with the approval of Sweepstakes Advisor Kaycee Palko, has deemed that men’s heat 1 is unsafe to race as is on Raceday. The wording as is listed in section 10.4.4 is listed here:

        If for any reason the Sweepstakes Executive Committee feels that a heat contains an unsafe grouping of buggies, the Sweepstakes Executive Committee will discuss the matter with the University’s staff Sweepstakes Advisor, and at their approval make the changes necessary to provide a safe race.

        • Was this a legitimate sweepstakes concern? Or is it just a classic cat and mouse situation? If its the latter, do we have a runaway cat that came back home?

        • Under what criteria was this one heat deemed unsafe? Why isn’t there a safety concern with any of the heats Fish is in considering they both have two teams that should have been seeded in group 1?

          • Because everything was evaluated on a case by case (heat by heat?) basis. Neither of the teams’ chairmen were concerned.

      • I would’ve loved to see a cleaner rematch of SDC/Spirit to start off the mens heats . Oh well.

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