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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Rolls Report: October 15 & 16 – A relatively smooth weekend

It was a dry weekend that made for some excellent rolls this past weekend. Saturday was a bit chilly, but Sunday was absolutely beautiful. 7 teams made it out to at least one day of rolls with SAE and SigNu still trying to get through capes. Sweepstakes has been doing an excellent job keeping the […]

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2017 Buggy Season Kickoff Newsletter for all!

Hello Buggy people! Despite another wet Saturday, Buggies finally got rolling this Sunday with teams getting their first taste of the Raceday 2017 season. Our reporters are getting back in gear and working on compiling their photos and notes for the first rolls report of the season. While they work on getting that put together, […]

Rolls Report: October 1 & 2 First Day of Rolls! Just Kidding.

Students and alumni alike were champing at the bit for some sweet, sweet buggy action this weekend. Unfortunately, rolls were called off mid-afternoon on Friday due to ominous weather predictions. Fortunately, for those in Pittsburgh, we were still able to get our buggy fix from Tom Wood’s always wonderful History of Buggy presentation as part […]

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