2017 BAA Elections Information

It’s that time of year, the time when the BAA seeks out new blood and energy to fill upcoming Vacancies. This cycle we will be seeing many open spots on our board and that is where we need your help. Starting Sunday April 15th, we will open the floor for nominations of several key positions. You’ll have two weeks to get in your nominations during which you can nominate anyone to the below listed positions and they will be asked to either accept or deny said nomination. Following the nomination period, we will hold online elections for all dues paying members to vote in!

Here are some more details about what positions will be open and how you can be a part of the process:

Elections Timeline:

All times in EST

  1. April 16th @ noon – Nominations Open
    • We will put out a news post and social media blast with a link to a nominations form (we like our google forms this year).
  2. April 28th @ 7 pm – Nominations Close
    • Last call will be made and anyone nominated will be contacted to accept or decline.
  3. May 1st @ noon  – Elections Begin
    • News post will go live with a link to cast your ballot.
    • Only dues paying members will get their votes counted.
    • Anyone nominated will be encouraged, though not required, to add in a short statement on their goals for their term.
  4. May 5th @ 7 pm – Elections End
    • last call will be made for any stragglers to get their votes in.
  5. May 6th – Election results posted!
    • Congratulate our new BAA Exec Board!

Eligible Persons:

  1. Any CMU alumni who has graduated or will graduate by June 2017 is eligible to be nominated (Graduating Seniors, that means you too!)
  2. Any person who has been elected to two previous terms on the BAA Executive Board is not eligible to accept a nomination.

Open Seats:

This year we have several open seats that need to be filled and a few positions up for re-election. Each elected position constitutes a 2 year term on the board which can be held for 2 consecutive terms (total 4 consecutive years) pending successful re-election.

  •  Treasurer – This position is currently held by Daniel Becerra who will be stepping down. For the BAA, this person receives our monthly financial information and reports our standing to the membership. This role also has taken on organizing fundraising activities such as our annual Lead Truck Auction and keeps records of currently active members.
  • Team Outreach – This position is currently held by Connor Hayes who will be stepping down. This person is for someone who will be connected to the current sweepstakes leadership and is willing to reach out to current organizations or potential new ones to provide guidance and connections to other alumni. This person has also played a great role in providing content for our regular publications.
  • Webmaster – This position is held in a very limited capacity by Sam Swift. The BAA site is in need of some tender loving care and some repairs which I’m sure you’re all aware of. Please check out our website page for more info on how this site is organized and structured.
  • Communications – This position is currently held by Aileen Dinin who is completing her first term. This position organizes our larger newsletters and publications which go out to all dues paying members (i.e. Raceday Preview, Season Kickoff, ect.).
  • Reporting Lead – This position is currently held by Natalie McGuier who is completing her first term. This position organizes and compiles our weekly rolls reports and wrangles local Pittsburgh people every weekend of rolls.
  • President – This position is currently held by Ben Matzke. This person coordinates and directs all BAA Activities and communicates on behalf of the BAA to Alumni Relations and the larger CMU community and networks.

Completing the first year of his term, our Vice President Jeremy Tuttle’s seat is currently not open for election.

Given the unique nature of our organization, there will be an open field that can be entered with a new chair position for something that you believe is lacking or deserves it’s own role.

We’ve already heard from some people who are interested in joining the board and we are excited to give them the opportunity.

Happy voting!