2017 Election Results and Treasurer Run-off

The votes are in! Thanks to those of you who took the few minutes to participate. Here are the results:

  • Communications – Aileen Dinin
  • Head Reporter – Natalie McGuier
  • Webmaster – Krishan Taylor
  • Team Outreach – Edward Cao
  • President – Ben Matzke

During the election process, we had a few write-ins for Treasurer. None got enough votes for an outright election so once we get acceptances back, we will hold a run-off election for this position. Keep an eye out for more info, here are the current nominees:

  • Bryan Arsham
  • Ethan Gladding
  • Meghan Kaffine

Please join me in welcoming our new and returning exec board members!

Last Chance to Vote!

BAA elections are ending this evening! Make sure your voice gets heard and VOTE! We’ve had a great showing so far and a few new nominations for Treasurer. Once these polls close, we’ll be reaching out to the new potential candidates and hold another round of voting in a couple weeks.

Today’s Wigle Barrel Roll event has been cancelled due to weather, so we will NOT be meeting at the distillery to walk over, however the event at the Barrelhouse is still on as planned around 6pm.

Thanks for everyone’s support this year, we can’t wait to see you all again next year, and remember –


Elections all around & Wigle Barrel Roll THIS FRIDAY

Election season is upon us and Sweepstakes is no exception. This Monday they held elections for the new team of Chairman, Assistant Chairman, and Safety Chairman. It was a relatively quick affair with some good discussion, and here are the results:

  • Assistant Chairwoman: Elyce Miligan – CIA/Atlas – Co-Founder of the Atlas project that’s been running as a sub group of CIA
  • Safety Chairman: Jasio Santillan – Apex – Chairman and builder over the last couple years
  • Chairwoman: Camilla Xu – SDC – Head Mechanic for last Raceday

All in all, a very promising group with a lot of expertise. We can’t wait to see what these guys are able to do next year!

UPDATE: BARREL ROLL WALK HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER. The event at the barrel house is still scheduled, but we will not be walking with a buggy.

Just like last year, the BAA will be participating in the Wigle Whiskey Barrel Roll. Those who joined us had a blast and we encourage any students and local alums to join us as we strap a whiskey Barrel to a buggy and walk it through the strip. The event at the Barrel House is $20 if you are over 21, and they will have drinks available to anyone underage. There will be live music, and some awesome contraptions that move the barrels – last year, Penn Brewery was also pushing a keg and pouring cups en-route.

Here are the specifics:

  • May 5th (This Friday) at 5pm
  • Starting from Wigle’s Distillery – 2401 Smallman St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
  • ~ 1 mile walk to the Barrel House – 1055 Spring Garden Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
  • The Walk is Free, the Barrel House event is $20

And remember, our elections are still going on, so if you haven’t yet –


2017 Elections Ballot Box

After 2 weeks of Nominations, it’s high time we elect some new officers to the BAA!

Skip ahead and VOTE NOW!

We have short statements for all contested positions, and if you forgot, here’s a quick reminder of what’s happening.

This year we have a few contested, a few no-contest races, and an open position. All terms are for two years with potential for one re-election to the same position. Each position is looking for at least 5 votes or votes of confidence, contested positions require a simple majority after 5 votes. Additionally, each position will have a write in option.


  • Communications: Aileen Dinin
  • Head Reporter: Natalie McGuier
  • President: Ben Matzke


  • Webmaster
    • Madison Scott – I am currently the head driver for Fringe and will be graduating next month with a BS in ECE. Throwing myself head first into big projects is something I really love to do. Seeing as the website could use a little TLC, I’d be more than happy to take on this position and make the website more reliable and user friendly.
    • Krishan Taylor – Hi everyone, I’m Krishan! I’m a former member of Fringe, and I’ve been working on and leading web development teams since graduating from SCS in 2010. As Webmaster, I’m going to make our online experience more mobile friendly, give the website a more modern look, and roll out some new raceday tools, in addition to making the usual bug fixes and security updates. I look forward to hearing your suggestions on how else I can improve our website.
  • Team Outreach
    • Ethan Gladding – I originally joined on with what remained of Pioneers and I fell in love with Buggy. I have been a Pusher, Mechanic, Amateur Machinist, Assistant Chairman, and all around enthusiast. After Pioneers folded in the Fall of 2011 I worked with the school administration to transfer Pioneers resources into the fledgling Apex buggy and stuck around to help them build their first buggy. This year I helped operate the buggy safety net as a member of W3VC-Radio Club. I also have been assisting the Buggy Alumni Association by providing notes for the roll-reports. I’ll be staying in the city after graduating and would be honored to represent the BAA. Making buggy more accessible has always been a goal of mine. All sport is weird and arbitrary, but buggy takes it to the nth degree and that makes it special.
    • Edward Cao – Hi, I’m Edward and I was the Sweepstakes Chairman for Raceday 2016, I was a pusher and push captain for SDC Buggy, and also am a brother of Phi Delta Theta and helped procure them Perun and get their buggy program started with the help of KDR alums and Sweepstakes. I think I’d be a natural fit for this role given my experience with Sweepstakes and helping Phi Delt start their buggy team. I am still in contact with a good number of current students and recent alums such that I would be able help new or prospective teams connect with knowledgeable alumni for guidance. Furthermore, I’d be happy to help out with the publications that the BAA puts out.


  • Treasurer – This position manages our financial reports, organizes our membership roster, and coordinates the Lead Truck Auction.

Happy Voting!