50th Anniversary at CMU Homecoming & By-Laws Amendments

Homecoming Buggy Events

As Natalie mentioned in the last Rolls Report, Spirit Buggy Founder Matt Wagner will be returning to give his “Everything I learned, I learned from Buggy” Talk and we will also be bringing out the doughnuts and coffee for Saturday morning if it’s not too cold. So come by and say Hi!

Coffee & Doughnuts Tent

7:00 am @ Corner of Tech and Frew

Alternate (in case of cancellation): 9:00am @ Danforth Conference Room, CUC

Everything I learned, I learned from Buggy

9:30am @ Danforth Conference Room, CUC


By-Laws Amendments & Other updates

With the Rules Committee meetings well underway, teams are starting to get a chance to vote on some of the various changes with planned implementation slated for next semester for various procedural adjustments. So far, the Rules Committee has been starting off light making minor corrections to outdated rules and formalizing some of the existing practices. Here is a list of many of the new rules or adjustments that have been discussed and/or voted on:

  • Autonomous Buggy – Robobuggy has officially been added to the regular roll order by a unanimous vote of the chairmen and will be working on new sections and definitions to help define their place in the sport for the years to come.
  • Drop Test – The chairmen have voted to include a minor revision requiring each buggy/driver combination to be tested each morning that combination intends to roll.
  • Speed Restrictions for New Drivers – Something that has already been in practice for the last several years, Sweepstakes will be formalizing their first roll speed limits.
    • Veteran Drivers would be required to be speed limited for their first (1) roll of each semester.
    • New Drivers would be required to be speed limited for their first 3 or 4 rolls (TBD).
    • Once New Drivers reach their carry-over limit (8 for fall) they would be considered “experienced” and would only require a single speed limited roll for the following term.
  • Optional Follow Car – During Freeroll practices, teams would have the option to forgo their follow car and instead have a member of their team with an extraction kit remain with sweepstakes at the top of the hill and ride with the safety chair in the event of an incident. The chairmen voted to approve this amendment and will begin implementation starting this spring.

Mini Raceday

Teams will be competing in mini-raceday this Saturday for one of 4 top spots. Awards will be given to the top times for Men’s and Women’s, Freeroll and Backhill times. In the event that rolls are cancelled Saturday, Sunday is the fall-back plan.