Tune in tonight at 7pm EST for a half hour of buggy talk and predictions with some local alums and students moderated by our long-time commentator Will Weiner! On the air we will have:

  • Michelle Mirabella – Original driver of Malice for SDC and former course record holder, graduated 2010 and has returned to CMU as a staff member.
  • Hunter Rideout – Current President and former Head Mechanic for Fringe.
  • Ethan Gladding – Assisted with the transition from Pioneers to Apex, and current W3VC radio support for Rolls and regular Rolls Report contributor/writer.

You can find the broadcast on air at 88.3 FM or stream it online from www.wrct.org! We will also be answering questions from you live on air, so be sure to send us any questions via comments to this post, our Facebook page, or ourĀ Twitter.


After what will be a great conversation, there will only be 3.5 hours left in our Lead Truck Auction, so get your bids in while you can!


One thought on “WRCT Broadcast Tonight at 7pm + Auction Closing at 11pm EST”

  • It is amazing how all my favorite current buggy people are hosting a show together. This is good #content.

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