Just a few days ago, you met our Head Reporter, but she’s not the only one completing her term and with nominations now open let’s take a moment to learn about another of our amazing officers! The BAA operates solely on the generosity of the alumni and the few who donate their time for a couple years to keep things running. If you are interested in any of these roles, would like to challenge someone’s position, or know someone who would fit the role, nominate by clicking the button below!

Take a moment to hear from:

Aileen Dinin – Head of Communications

The primary responsibility for the Head of Communications is production of the Raceday Preview. This mostly involves generating text (team previews, introduction, etc), interviewing an alumni, and coordinating with other writers. Additionally, it would be useful to have InDesign skills, as that is how the Raceday Preview is currently laid out. However, we can work around that – I’m terrible at anything visual, and other members of the BAA have stepped up to help out (thanks Connor and Ethan!) Due to the need for relatively current content in the Raceday Preview, a lot of work is in March and April in the run-up to Spring Carnival. However, this work can be spread out a bit over the Winter and Spring. I typically spend approximately 10 hours on the Raceday Preview text. In some years, we have also produced a Mini-Raceday newsletter, or a summer newsletter. This involves a little work, but is a good dry run for the Raceday Preview.

A great thing about Communications Chair is that it’s a way to stay involved in Buggy even if you don’t live near Pittsburgh. I live in Europe, and I’ve enjoyed that this position keeps me connected to the CMU community. My biggest accomplishment has been standardizing the Raceday Preview process so that it’s relatively painless. We have a defined list of tasks, and many of them can be done by volunteers. The Raceday Preview helps bring and retain members and is a major feature of BAA membership. It’s a fun position, and is an easy way to keep in touch with Buggy news. I’ve enjoyed my four years, but it’s time for me to move on to other challenges and pass the torch to a fresh set of typing fingers.

The Head of Communications is a role that anyone can take on from anywhere and having someone solely focused on these newsletters allows the content to be richer and more in-depth. If this sounds like something you, or a friend would be interested in, nominate them now!