It’s Raceday Preview Time!

The preview is getting its final polish and we’re about ready to send it out. Here’s a taste of the sweet goodness that will be arriving in inboxes soon:


However, if you want to get this tasty insider information, with spotter’s guide, rosters, predictions, etc, you must be a paying member of the Buggy Alumni Association!


If you’re not on the list and want think you should be, or want to fix your mistake of not donating, send your receipt email from CMU showing your donation and designation to and we’ll get you added. If your name has a double asterisk (**) after it, it means we got your donation, but we don’t have your email info! Please email us your preferred address at

After you’ve got your membership sorted out and taken a look at the heat selections, head over to this year’s lead truck auction!

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