Upcoming Events and New Initiatives #2

Winter Greetings to BAA Members,

In case you didn’t know, we have fewer than 100 days until the 100th year of Buggy! We’re very busy getting things ready. Here’s a quick rundown of the latest happenings and work-in-progress:

New podcast series: Will Weiner, in collaboration with several community members, is launching a podcast interview series on the compelling narratives leading up to Buggy 100. We’ll post on cmubuggy.org as soon as the first episode is available!

Crowdfunding push: In collaboration with CMU Marketing and Communication, we are launching a crowdfunding initiative that you can check out here. We’ll be offering stretch goals and special incentives on top of the usual membership perks, so check back!

Bookstore merchandise: We’re finalizing the designs for Buggy100 bookstore merchandise, to be made available soon. Available items include shot glasses and t-shirts among other things. We’re hoping the bookstore is able to post these items on the website as well as make them available for pre-order and pickup on Raceday itself.

New teams, endowment, membership levels: If you haven’t heard, we’re switching to a new model of membership for Buggy100 in order to encourage the well-planned funding of buggy moving forward. As a part of this, we have started a Buggy Endowed Fund, which will generate regular yields that we can use to support student (and alumni) initiatives to keep buggy going strong. You can read more here: https://cmubuggy.org/news/2019/11/giving-cmu-day-and-new-membership-levels/

History of Buggy: Bryan Arsham’s blockbuster series continues this week with the 1980s. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out this feature series, it is chock full of amazing facts and photos from Sweepstakes of years past. https://cmubuggy.org/news/2020/01/100-years-of-buggy-history-1980-1983/

Database update for website: We’re working on migrating our historical records to a SQL database for easier management and accessibility. If you’re interested in helping or requesting data, let us know!

Exhibition heats: On the topic of piquing your interest, we are looking for people (pusher) interested in Reunion Races to be scheduled during exhibition heats for Buggy100! Don’t miss your chance to participate on the course on the most epic Sweepstakes in history. Sign up here or by emailing us at admin@cmubuggy.org

If you’re interested in volunteering or just chatting, please feel free to email us or message on any of our social media platforms: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or join us on our Discord chat server . We’ll be back with more news soon!

-Mike Darcy, BAA President