Final Day of Crowdfunding Drive and Stretch Goals

Hi all,

As the title implies, the Crowdfunding Drive is ending in 24 hours, and as of this writing, we’ve already met our goal! Accordingly, we’re adding a stretch goal of an extra $1k to fund displays for the starting line at the bottom of Tech St. These displays will show the scoreboard, leaderboard, and video broadcast so that more spectators, including the students racing, will be better able to follow the action! If we don’t meet our goal, or if we exceed our goal, we will use the money towards raceday giveaways: merchandise for current students, funding towards a giant gourmet buggy cake, and improving the marquee Buggy Bash event. We’re so happy that folks have chosen nearly every perk offered and that you’re excited to give to the organizations making Buggy happen every year.

From all of us elected to be your Buggy100 BAA Officers, thank you for your support. Every fundraising request we’ve put out this year has been met with considerably more enthusiasm than we expected and we’re very excited to be able to put on the biggest Raceday ever, as well as set ourselves up for the future with the Buggy Endowed Fund. As the History of Buggy closes out, we’re hoping to spool up those Spring Rolls Reports (maybe this weekend!), Raceday Preview content, plus podcasts, event teasers and more announcements for Raceday. Check back soon for more updates!

Yours truly,
Mike Darcy
BAA President