Buggy100 Crowdfunding Campaign (one week left!)

Hi everyone, Mike here:

Our official CMU Crowdfunding campaign has reached just over halfway to the goal, with one week left to go! This is a great opportunity to check out some additional perks, if you missed Giving Tuesday earlier last month. In addition to the new Buggy100 rewards at each level, we’re also offering reserved (highest priority) choices in the lead truck auction for both prelims and finals, as well as an option to choose the buggy we put on our Buggy100 cupcakes!

The reason we are pushing for membership donations on Giving Tuesday and through this crowdfunding push this year is so that we can budget for Buggy100 before it happens, rather than relying only on donations from Raceday last year or forecasting donations at Buggy100 (which is particularly difficult with all the extra enthusiasm going around!). You’ve already shattered our expectations and every donation we get will be going towards new and amazing stuff to really put Buggy100 over the top. So if you were thinking about signing up just in time for the Raceday Preview, we promise that’s coming, and a whole lot more, and it would mean a lot to have your contribution counted towards Buggy100 and this crowdfunding campaign, so please consider giving this week.

Sincerely yours,

Mike Darcy
BAA President