Town Hall Meeting, Sunday 3/22 2pm

Hi all,

We are holding a town hall meeting this Sunday at 2pm over Zoom, which you can download here ahead of time if you’d like. A recording will be made available after the meeting and follow-up posts written as necessary. The agenda will be roughly as follows, with time for as many questions and tangents as people want.

  1. Review progress on the 7 items outlined in my previous post regarding Raceday Cancellation, see my post here.
    1. Membership and benefits
    2. Consolation print
    3. Budget
    4. Homecoming
    5. New content including livestream
    6. Elections
    7. Gifts for students
  2. Updates on Chute the Sh!t and History of Buggy concerning adjusted release schedule
  3. Questions for the audience:
    1. How should we recognize the seniors and/or students in general?
    2. How should we expand Homecoming next year?
    3. Anything we missed or could look in to?