Summary of 2021 Bylaws Updates

The following is a summary of Bylaws updates and revisions that have been proposed and voted on by Sweepstakes Committees and Org Chairs over the last few years in support of Buggy100, the COVID-19 pandemic, and codifications of current normal procedures. All of these changes have now been fully collected and included in the updated Bylaws here!


  • Eligible Student – a person who is currently enrolled in a degree seeking program, an Activities Fee paying undergraduate or graduate student of Carnegie Mellon University, and must be a member of the organization entering the buggy.
  • Sponsorship – an exchange of goods or services of some monetary value in return for some form of external advertisement or endorsement of a company.
  • Team – a group of six people, consisting of one driver and five pushers, all of whom are currently eligible students.

Section 3 – Staff, Organization, and Procedures

3.7 – Sponsorship Guidelines

Each organization is allowed to pursue organization sponsorships subject to the following guidelines:

  • No organization may advertise their sponsors on a buggy or in a buggy name.
  • Sponsorships must be only for the following cases:
    • Financial support like raw materials.
    • Manufacturing of safety-critical components that improve the quality of the buggy build process, and do not directly affect or detract from the student buggy build process.
  • Sponsors must be approved on a yearly basis. All sponsors and the value of contribution will be made public to all teams.
  • Organizations must send an invoice to Sweepstakes to approve each sponsorship. This invoice will be kept on record.
  • Any organization receiving more than $5000 from sponsorships per academic year must have additional sponsorships approved through a one-on-one meeting with Sweepstakes. In this meeting the team must present their potential sponsor, the value of the sponsorship, and what they plan to offer their potential sponsor in return (advertisement on tshirts, trucks, etc.).

Sweepstakes has the right to deny any sponsorship proposal, particularly if it breaks any of the above rules, if advised by the Sweepstakes Advisor, or if it undermines the rule that “Each buggy shall have been designed and constructed by full-time, Activities Fee paying, undergraduate or graduate students of Carnegie Mellon University” (as outlined in Part 6 of the Bylaws).

Section 4 – Entry Requirements and Procedures

4.2.2 – Team

Redefined team to include the new eligible student definition. In addition, it explicitly allows part-time and graduate students to participate.

4.2.4 – Membership Roster

Moved the deadline for finalized membership roster to midnight before truck weekend starts.

4.3.3 – COVID-19 Addendum

Due to COVID-19, Raceday 2020 was cancelled and Raceday 2021 was operating under modified rules, limited manpower, and a maximum of two buggies. Therefore, the restrictions from the clauses in 4.3.1 and 4.3.2 will be lifted for Raceday 2022 subject to a majority vote of the Buggy Chairmen and approval of Sweepstakes officials. For Raceday 2022, each participating organization may have a maximum of four entries in the men’s races and a maximum of four in the women’s races.

4.3.4 – Design Competition

Added a requirement that the winner of Design Comp needs to have made the Final Day or top 10 of races.

Section 6 – Buggy Construction and Performance Requirements

Added section allowing Loaner Buggies.

  • Buggies may be borrowed/loaned or bought/sold by one organization from or to another organization, provided that the Sweepstakes Chairman is notified of the Transition, and it takes place before heats and lanes are selected for the preliminary races (if that buggy is to be used in those races).
  • Provided the buggy passes construction, safety, and performance requirements, it will be eligible to roll for the new organization. If needed, an alumni that owns an eligible buggy may provide it to be loaned/sold provided it satisfies the Buggy Construction and Performance Requirements, undergoes a rigorous safety inspection by the Sweepstakes Safety Chair, and passes the braking capability and drop brake tests.

6.3.1 – Eye Protection

Added option of tinted goggles or windshields for drivers / buggies.

Section 7 – General Safety Requirements and Procedures

7.2.3 – Pass Test

Removed the requirement that the buggy / driver combo being passed must already be qualified.

Section 8 – Common Raceday/Freeroll Rules and Procedures

8.1.1 – Sweepers

Removed requirement of sweepers to have reflective vests.

Section 10 – Race Rules, Regulations, and Procedures

10.5 – Mini-Raceday

  • The Sweepstakes Mini-Races shall be scheduled during CMU Homecoming weekend.
  • If that weekend is undesirable, the Chairmen may vote to delay it until early November. The Mini-Raceday will be scheduled for the Saturday of the chosen weekend.
  • If the Mini-Raceday is cancelled on the day that they were originally scheduled to take place (Saturday), it will be rescheduled on Sunday. If the weekend of rolls is cancelled, Mini-Raceday will be scheduled for the following weekend(s) until Thanksgiving break. If no weekends in November are available, Mini-Raceday will be cancelled.

Section 11 – Design Competition

11.6 – Eligibility for Design Awards

Changed wording of top-third to top ten to be consistent with 4.3.4.