Rolls Report – February 11 & 12, 2023

TL;DR: First spring rolls!

OrgSaturday (2/11)Sunday (2/12)
ApexMolotov, Phoenix, FireflyMolotov, Firefly
CIARoadrunner, Emperor, Kingfisher, EquinoxRoadrunner, Kingfisher
FringeBurnout, Blind FaithBurnout, Blind Faith
SigEpKraken, Barracuda
SDCAvarice, InfernoAvarice, Inferno
SpiritInviscid, Kingpin, SeraphZuke, Seraph

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First rolls wouldn’t be first rolls without a bit of a delay and some angry people trying to get onto the course,

Apex: Apex had a pretty uneventful weekend, with 3 drivers out on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. On Sunday, they were one of the few teams to do hill 1s, getting an early start on some raceday pusher training!

CIA: CIA started the weekend with quite a statement as the only team with four buggies on the course. On Sunday, they trimmed down to only two buggies out, but had successful pass tests for both those drives – the first team to fully qualify for RD23!

DG: Saturday was DG’s first time out for the year, and they had two drivers out but only one driving. Insite was appropriately bagged, moving quite slowly through the chute and requiring multiple pushes to help make it through.

Robobuggy: Saturday was also robobuggy’s first time out for the year, and unfortunately they weren’t able to make their full way around the course because of a slight delay in sweeping mud off the course. Sunday brought some better luck, and they made it around the course once with time to spare!

Fringe: Fringe started spring rolls out with just a little bit of biker drama leading to an angry reddit post on /r/cmu about entitled cmu students. Sunday brought a little bit more peace for the team, with two drivers out alternating rolls around the course.

SigEp: SigEp had some new people out this weekend, which lead to a little bit of confusion with a pusher who didn’t realize that he had to pick up the buggy from hill 3 even if it stopped partway through the chute. Other than that, a relatively chill weekend for SigEp.

SDC: SDC got three rolls in each for Avarice and Inferno on Saturday. Unfortunately, in it’s first roll around the course, a new driver in Havoc turned into the chute early and hit the curb. Sweepstakes is working with the team to understand what happened and what we can do to prevent accidents of this type moving forward. Sunday was a lot more smooth for the team, with Avarice and Inferno out once again with four and five rolls respectively.

Spirit: Spirit had an easy day Saturday, with three rolls for each of their buggies. On Sunday, they were doing full hill 1st, and had one hill two pusher get slightly injured, but they seemed okay while being checked out by EMS.

A super special thanks to the following people for their help:

Connor Hayes

Rob Siemborski

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