Rolls Report – February 19, 2023

TL;DR: Potentially the most eventful weekend this year

OrgSunday (2/19)
ApexMolotov, Phoenix, Solaris
CIARoadrunner, Kingfisher, Emperor, Equinox
FringeBlind Faith
SigEpKraken, Barracuda
SDCAvarice, Vanity
SpiritInviscid, Kingpin, Zuke, Seraph

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Today’s rolls report is brought to you by a very special guest reporter – Sabrina Wang! Thank you Sabrina for this super engaging minute-by-minute writeup of an especially eventful rolls.

7 teams out, first rolls is scheduled for 7:03 with Fringe at the start of the roll order. Fringe scratches and CIA is cleared at 7:06, rolling 4 buggies. Roadrunner, Kingfisher, Equinox, and Emperor. CIA does a (successful?) pass test for Emperor, passing Equinox, on their first roll.

Apex is rolling a fleet of 3 buggies today, Solaris, Phoenix, and Molotov.

Sigep rolling Baracuda and Kraken today.

SDC has 2 buggies out today, Avarice and Vanity.

During their first roll, Avarice successfully makes it around the course but Vanity doesn’t make the chute turn, almost hits the schenley bridge barricade, and is stopped before it runs into a parked car on the other side of the barricade. Driver is ok and extracted.

While we wait for rolls to be back on, brief shout out to the one woman fringe-cia-apex-spirit-sigep flagging coalition, by a Fringe chute flagger! Spirit next, rolling Kingpin, Sereph, Zuko, and Inviscid, all going fast and taking the chute turn with a tight line. (Spirit is the only team I was in the chute for so I can’t comment on anyone else’s line).

PiKA goes, rolling 1 buggy, Banshee, with 1 bag. The PiKA buggy/driver is doing fine but the follow car driver/passenger not so much. Someone in the PiKA follow car threw up onto the street in the chute, while the follow car was still driving, leaving 3 long wet spots through and past the chute turn.

Rolls are on hold while sweepstakes comes to investigate the vomit in the chute…

Rolls continue to be on hold while the drivers come down to inspect the vomit in the chute and the cones around it….

Driver party in the chute!

For your perusal while we wait for rolls to be on again:

Credits to Anishwar from Spirit.

At around 8:15 rolls are back on, with Fringe rolling 1 buggy, Blind Faith.

After the transition flag and just before the monument, Blind Faith clips the curb and comes to a stop. The driver is ok but by the time the incident is addressed and resolved, it’s 8:30 and sweeps calls it for the day.

To summarize, 1 full pass of the roll order today, 2 (3 if you count the vomit in the chute) incidents out of 7 rolls today. As always shout out to sweeps and everyone else who showed up for all your hard work and for dealing with all the incidents today (vomit related and otherwise)!

A super special thanks to the following people for their help:

Sabrina Wang

Connor Hayes

Sweeps + BAA

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