Rolls Report – March 26, 2023

TL;DR: Sweepstakes takes on their new role as carpenters to clear some branches from the course, new buggies galore

OrgSunday (3/26)
ApexSolaris, Scorch (NB)
CIARoadrunner, Kingfisher, Emperor, Equinox
FringeNew Build (Batman), Bumper
PiKACleona, Raptor
SigNuBungarus Krait, Jager
SpiritInviscid, Zuke, KP

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Thank you to Molly and Declan this week for their help with reporting! We also had a speed trap set up for rolls. See here for the data.

Apex: Out today with Solaris and their new buggy Scorch. Scorch has yet to be painted and the current chalk design is reminiscent of the iconic Bumper’s meme menagerie. Kids these days and their Tick-Talks! Rolls wise they made it around the course slow and steady with some strong efforts by their push team.

CIA: Equinox lost a wheel in the chute and spun into bales. Kingfisher drove through a stop flag but came to a stop in the chute just past Equinox. The remainder of their rolls seemed to go by without much issue. They showed some good speed but are certainly still looking to pick up more speed before race day. 

DG: rolling with Insite today, clean and smooth throughout their rolls. Bagged and therefore not exceptionally fast but it’s cool to see Insite on the course. They had some of the longest hill 3s of the day, picking up the buggy deep in the chute, but some encouragement from the follow car driver helped the pushers power through to hill 4.

Fringe: Bumper and “Batman” were out today. Their new buggy is showing promising speed and is perhaps even more smooth and quiet than the typical Fringe buggy. Bumper however gave them some issues with trying to conduct a pass test due to its lack of speed. On the third and final roll of the day Bumper stopped in the free roll because the driver’s hands got too cold.

PiKA: On their second roll of the day a driver hit a grate quite hard and came to a stop in the chute. Driver seemed to be fine but Cliona did not roll the third time around. Otherwise PiKA showed some speed and purpose even with bagged buggies. 

Robobuggy: Robobuggy had it’s first autonomous roll since 2019! They finally made it around the course with no interventions nor crashes. Video footage can be found here. Check out that chute turn! 

SigEp: Kraken rolling well around the course with some fast pushers behind.

SigNu: Rolling clean and smooth, appeared to be one of the fastest on the course today as well. 

Spirit: Had some mechanical issues at the top of the hill, but seemed to be the fastest team in the freeroll by a good margin. They rolled their buggies tight enough to have some close foot races on the backhills. Very excited to see Zuke and KPs new paint jobs and to see how this team performs on race day! 

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Connor Hayes

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