TL;DR: Ozzy sniff tests the teams, pre-rolls dance party

OrgSaturday (3/18)
ApexPhoenix, Firefly, Solaris
CIARoadrunner, Kingfisher, Equinox
FringeNew Build (Batman), Bumper
PiKACleo, Raptor
SigEpKraken, Barracuda
SigNuBungarus Krait, Jager
SpiritInviscid, Zuke, Seraph

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Thank you to Molly (and Ozzy) this week for their help with reporting!

Ozzy Sniff test: Ozzy conducted a sniff test on all the buggies and his ratings are below. This test was performed by luring Ozzy near the buggies with a treat and then observing his response. An immediate run away is a thumbs down, one sniff is a thumbs up, and sustained interest is two thumbs up. Ozzy would also like to say that he is very appreciative to everyone who gave him pets today.

  • APEX?
  • SigNu ?
  • Pike ?
  • SigEp ?
  • CIA ??
  • Fringe ?
  • Spirit ?

Apex: Apex had a pretty smooth day with three buggies out. Seems like they’re working to qualify their returning buggies early to prepare for a potential newbuggy release?

CIA: In addition to some weird sounds from their buggies today, CIA seemed to be attempting a new kind of pass test. During their first roll of the day, two CIA buggies were racing up hill 1 and we noticed a super weird hill 2 swerve from one of CIA’s buggies – one went super wide outside of lines, one went the proper way. They fixed themselves going into freeroll but garnered a strict yell from the safety chair.

Fringe: Fringe had a relatively straight-forward day, other than a crash during their third roll of the day. While making the chute turn, one driver accidentally hit the outer bales. The driver was cleared quickly and both the driver and buggy are okay. The hatch popped off in the crash, but there was no visible damage. The second buggy safely stopped up by the transition flag and was safely extracted.

PiKA: PiKA had an uneventful day with the exception of a successful PiKApex pass test.

Robobuggy: Robobuggy had a slight brake incident in the beginning of the free roll – stopped around Westinghouse pond. After an extended pause (and some duct tape), NAND continued at walking pace, but was rolling fully autonomously.

SigEp: After scratching their first roll, SigEp came out strong – looking quite fast in the freeroll. Maybe they’re the ones to watch this raceday.

SigNu: SigNu scratched their first roll as well, but came in slowly and bagged once they started rolling. They seemed to be slightly wobbling but and needed a slight boost to get up to hill 3, but the (new) driver handled the chute like a champ and got through safely.

Spirit: Spirit is pushing forward strongly in their prep for raceday. We noticed a bit of sliding during their chute turns, but they seemed in control!

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