TL;DR: Sweepers work hard after a windy start to the weekend, SDC returns!

OrgSunday (4/2)
ApexSolaris, Molotov, New Build (Scorch)
CIAEquinox, Kingfisher, Roadrunner, Emperor
FringeNew Build (Batman), Bumper, Burnout, Baltic
PiKACleo, Raptor, Banshee
SDCAvarice, Inferno
SigEpKraken, Barracuda
SigNuBungarus Krait, Jager
SpiritInviscid, Zuke, Seraph

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Thank you to Veronica for her guest reporting this weekend (and for her boyfriend for taking photos)!

The windy Sunday morning started with Robobuggy walking the course.

Apex: Apex brought out three buggies Solaris, Molotov, and a double bagged Scorch their newest buggy, incognito in white. They seemed ready for raceday, showing off a strong hill 1 and 2 transition.

CIA: CIA looked fast (I blinked and the follow car was gone!) with four unbagged buggies, Equinox, Kingfisher, Roadrunner, and Emperor.

DG: DG brought out Insite and executed a pass test with some help from Zuke.

Fringe: Fringe brought out Bumper and Burnout which needed 5 bags to slow it down! They also brought out Batman, looking impressive with its black wheel covers. Baltic emerged later in the day, steered by Burnout’s intended driver.

PiKA: PiKA came out with Banshee, Raptor, and Cleona. They seemed to struggle with their tent (as always) which kept being knocked over in the wind, but it seems like it was all worthwhile for them as Cleona needs only one more roll to qualify.

SDC: We were happy to see SDC back out on the course after a tumultuous few weeks. They had Avarice and Inferno out today, practicing smooth passes for both buggies via strategic hill 2 push-offs.

SigEp: Sigep brought out Kraken, followed by Barracuda with a strong hill 2 push off.

SigNu: SigNu emerged for the second round of rolls with Jager and Krait, with Krait picking up speed on its second go around the course.

Spirit: Spirit brought out Seraph, Inviscid, and Zuke which needed four bags to slow it down. Spirit hustled as always, somehow managing to squeeze in several rolls throughout the morning and sending off their buggies with strong hill 2 push-offs.

A super special thanks to the following people for their help:

Connor Hayes

Sweeps + BAA

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